Our Firm

Improving public infrastructure

We can help you work with government effectively.

What people say and do in government can have a profound impact on your organization.

When businesses or organizations face complex challenges, we offer comprehensive solutions by bringing a broad range of issue and process experience and relationships to bear in fashioning effective strategies. Whether launching a major initiative or averting a crisis, our bipartisan team helps clients craft and implement integrated strategies that connect them with top decision-makers, shape public opinion and transform public policy.

Founded in 1998, McGuireWoods Consulting LLC is a full-service public affairs firm offering federal, state, and local government relations, infrastructure and economic development, strategic communications and grassroots mobilization services. McGuireWoods Consulting is a subsidiary of the McGuireWoods law firm, and since 2010, has been ranked in the top 20 among the 1,900 government relations firms in Washington, D.C. by The National Law Journal. 

Our Mission & Vision

At McGuireWoods Consulting, our mission is simple: we empower organizations to shape public policy and public opinion to achieve their business or policy goals. We offer a unique mix of strategy, creativity, experience, and comprehensive service capabilities to help you solve problems and seize opportunities. Forging productive partnerships between business and government, we work with you to make effective and lasting public policy changes.

At McGuireWoods Consulting, we are committed to:

  • Excellence
  • Client Service
  • Integrity
  • Collegiality
  • Community

Our Approach

At McGuireWoods Consulting, our bipartisan team combines unparalleled issue and process expertise with a full range of public affairs services. McGuireWoods Consulting’s substantive expertise with regard to impacting the public policy process is distinctive among public affairs organizations. From its inception, the McGuireWoods Consulting team was assembled not only to provide a full range of direct lobbying services – covering both parties, both the executive and legislative branches, at both the state and federal levels – but also to provide issue advocacy services consisting of high-level media relations, grassroots mobilization, advocacy, and through third-parties and organizations with influential relationships with decision makers.

The distinctive value our team brings to solving major public policy challenges lies not only in our ability to help clients craft workable policy proposals, but in the design of sophisticated, multifaceted message development and issue advocacy strategies that successfully convert the proposals into law.

Firm Initiatives

At McGuireWoods Consulting, we take immense pride in spearheading two groundbreaking initiatives: Women in Public Affairs and the Atkinson-Payne Pro Bono program. These programs reflect our core values of excellence and community:

Women In Public Affairs

As women continue to increasingly hold positions of leadership, McGuireWoods Consulting is taking the lead in supporting opportunities for the next generation of female leaders. Our Women in Public Affairs initiative is dedicated to uplifting and supporting women in their professional journeys. This initiative focuses on bringing together women working in government affairs and advocacy through a series of local and regional educational events and networking opportunities.

Atkinson-Payne Pro Bono Award

We annually present the annual Atkinson-Payne Pro Bono Award, named for two of our firm’s founders – Frank Atkinson and Hon. L.F. Payne. Each year, amidst several impactful projects, one stands out for its exceptional contribution, ingenuity, and the profound difference it makes in the lives of those it serves. The Atkinson Payne Pro Bono Award is our way of recognizing and celebrating this outstanding project and the dedicated team behind it.