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National & Multistate Strategies


We are strategically positioned to assist businesses that operate multistate locations, conduct business in states beyond their physical presence, or sell products or services nationwide. We operate comprehensive multistate, integrated legislation tracking and lobbying programs through a depth of experience building cost-effective teams around regulatory and legislative issues with a regional or national scope. We manage tailored initiatives to outcomes and seamlessly winding down the effort when the job is done. Our team offers our clients the talents of government affairs professionals in eight large capital cities, Washington, D.C., and more than a dozen other large metro areas, with a nationwide network of partners.

Federal Public Affairs


We provide specialized federal policy strategy, expertly engaging with congressional committees, regulatory bodies, and executive branches to champion client interests across diverse areas such as agriculture, healthcare, energy, education, Native American advocacy, and more. Our team, proficient in legislative and administrative dynamics, crafts strategies aimed at shaping policy, obtaining federal funding, and impacting crucial legislation. This approach is anchored in ensuring comprehensive, compliant policy advice, tailored to each client’s specific needs and objectives in the complex landscape of federal policymaking.

State & Local Government Relations


We are a bipartisan team of seasoned government relations professionals across the nation specializing in navigating complex government relations at the state and local levels. We offer state-level legislative tracking and issue management, municipal meeting activity tracking, local and state procurement advocacy, and local and state government relations lobbying services. We provide in-depth insights, monitor risk and opportunities, and provide strategic advice to ensure our clients are positioned and heard in priority localities and states.

Site Selection & Incentives Negotiation


We assist in every phase of project development for business expansions and relocations across the country, ensuring alignment with our client’s business goals. Our team excels at securing significant economic incentives, facilitating P3 deals, and enhancing returns through opportunity zones and other tax benefits. We provide site selection assistance to identify the right locations for our clients, lead incentive negotiations to reduce our clients’ costs, secure legislative or regulatory changes favorable to our clients, and negotiate performance incentive agreements and contracts. We also help international companies with all the legal aspects involved in establishing a presence in the United States.

Coalition Building & Mobilization


We get stakeholders to engage with our clients’ goals by blending grassroots, grasstops, coalition building, and mobilization to address key policy issues, regulatory issues, and voter concerns across sectors like education, healthcare, gaming, and energy. Our experienced team employs an array of tools – advocacy tools, including digital campaigns, event management, public opinion research surveys, and media outreach – to mobilize support effectively. With a record of leading successful political campaigns and referenda, we excel in crafting and passing influential legislation and initiatives.

Communications & Public Relations


We offer comprehensive communications and public relations services, merging seamlessly with client teams, partners, and leadership to provide media training, media placement, crisis communications, media strategy, message development, thought leadership, spokesperson, and media monitoring services. Our team of former journalists, campaign strategists, and PR specialists excels in storytelling to shape conversations and public policy.

Digital Media & Marketing


We specialize in digital media and digital marketing to help shape public policy and perception, creating impactful digital efforts and campaigns. We offer online advertising, e-mail and text message campaigns, social media management, website development, video production, graphic design, social listening, digital content development, and online advocacy services that help drive conversations and influence public opinion while aligning with our clients’ business goals.

Native American Issues


We are leaders in policy work on matters impacting Native American tribes, with a particular focus on federal Indian law, energy, compliance, healthcare, housing, gaming, self-governance, 477 and government investigations. During his tenure on Capitol Hill, Mike Andrews, former staff director and chief counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, has been instrumental in passing over 50 bipartisan bills signed into law on issues such as federal recognition, increased appropriations, land into trust, energy, water settlements and economic development, among others.

Public Policy Mediation


We provide mediation and facilitation services to state officials, agencies, local governments, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and others using interest-based negotiations to attain broad consensus on difficult public policy issues. While such public policy mediation and facilitation efforts can take weeks or months, when successful they can overcome previously believed insurmountable obstacles to advance positive, consensus-based policy, strategy, regulation, or legislation.



We track and analyze procurement opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels to inform and strategically position our clients before an RFP for goods or services is issued. Our proprietary procurement dashboards track market trends, government spending behaviors, and existing contract specifications on behalf of our clients. We identify procurement opportunities that best suit our client’s business model and leverage long-standing relationships with key decision-makers to advance our client’s interests while navigating regulations and the complex government sales process.

ESG & Environmental Justice


We aid organizations in enhancing their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts by creating impactful content for diverse audiences including investors, community leaders, and regulators. We develop comprehensive strategies that highlight a company’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility, boosting brand trust and awareness. This includes legislative and regulatory advocacy on environment and land use, renewable energy, waste management, and air and water quality, as well as navigating affordable housing regulations and policies and advising on community development matters.

Association Management


We assist organizations large and small – from national trade associations to local non-profits – with a range of services. We can manage day-to-day operations and key functions related to board affairs, membership, finances, communications, program and event planning, and social media and website management…or any of those services individually. We also liaise with the association lobbyists and outside partners to ensure the organization’s public affairs needs are fully met.