MWC’s Sean Stafford Named Honorable Mention in Influence Magazine’s Florida Top Lobbyists

December 5, 2023

Influence Magazine has named McGuireWoods Consulting Senior Vice President and Director Sean Stafford as an Honorable Mention in its ranking of Top Lobbyists of 2023 in Florida.

Stafford was recognized for his work in helping the push to create a corridor for Florida’s wildlife and prescription drug insurance issues.

The article notes that 2023 was a particularly challenging year for Stafford, as he faced significant health issues due to a diagnosis of endocarditis. An infection had already damaged his heart’s mitral valve, and from there had gone systemic through his body. In April, he underwent open heart surgery in Miami, following which the doctors revealed that “there was a pretty decent chance, probably a 1-in-3, that I was not going to make it.”

While his colleagues made significant headway in the legislature and with regulators, they noted missing Stafford’s leadership role.

MWC Senior Vice President Rhett O’Doski told Influence: “I think we didn’t realize how much like the (boat) rudder Sean is for our group. I certainly missed that, especially during the throes of the session.”

“We are very proud that Influence recognized the major leadership role that Sean plays in Florida, especially in a year where he faced such a significant health challenge,” said MWC Chairman Mark Bowles. “His leadership can be seen in just how well our Florida team pulled together while he battled a life-threatening illness.”

Former South Carolina Gov. James Hodges, MWC president, noted: “Sean has been instrumental in leading MWC’s government affairs team to new heights in Florida. He has helped to build a collection of talent that has made a strong mark on the Sunshine State.”