MWC Vice President Arielle Maffei Receives Illinois Transplant Fund’s Inaugural Advocacy Award

November 1, 2023

McGuireWoods Consulting Vice President Arielle Rodriguez Maffei has been named as an inaugural recipient of the Illinois Transplant Fund’s Advocacy Award.

The Illinois Transplant Fund (ITF) works to increase equitable access to organ transplant, helping to cover insurance premiums for uninsured patients so they gain access to life-saving organ transplants and the follow-up care they need to live healthy lives.

“In recognition of Arielle Rodriguez Maffei’s unwavering dedication, advocacy, and tireless commitment to the transplant community, we honor Arielle as the inaugural recipient of the Illinois Transplant Fund Advocacy Award,” said Audrena Spence, Executive Director, Illinois Transplant Fund. “Arielle’s passion for making a difference in the lives of transplant recipients and their families is an inspiration to us all.”

Maffei, who provides direct advocacy at the state and city levels, is among three individuals who received one of the awards along with four local transplant teams.

“We are proud that the Illinois Transplant Fund has honored Arielle for her critical work in helping improve the lives and lessen the burden of people who are facing the most challenging circumstances imaginable,” said McGuireWoods Consulting Illinois Team Director Thomas Londrigan.

MWC Chairman Mark Bowles echoed: “Arielle has been at the forefront of improving access to the transplant community. MWC is happy to join with the ITF in recognizing Arielle’s strong advocacy for transplant patients.”