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March 20, 2023

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Economic Development

ABC13: Closing Canton mill: AG Stein wants environmental problems, state’s $12 million addressed
North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is worried about several issues related to the planned closure of the Pactiv Evergreen paper mill in Canton. Stein said the “closure of the Canton mill constitutes a clear violation of a contract that Evergreen Packaging Inc. and Blue Ridge Paper Products Inc. (two Pactiv Evergreen subsidiaries) signed with the Department of Commerce and the attorney general in February 2015.”


EDNC: Anti-critical race theory bill taken up by House education committee again
The House K-12 education committee Tuesday gave a favorable vote to a controversial bill opponents say restricts discussions of racism and muddies historical waters. The bill would ban schools from promoting 13 concepts that Republican lawmakers say have no business in the classroom.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: NC Democratic Gov. Cooper calls for 18% teacher raises, 8% raises for state employees
Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper revealed his budget proposal on Wednesday, saying his major focus is “strengthening education, with historic investments, from cradle to career.” He wants to raise pay by an average of 18% over the next two years for North Carolina teachers and principals, and by 9.5% for other education workers like bus drivers.


ABC12: Gov. Roy Cooper creates Office of Violence Prevention, ENC city leader says it’s needed
In taking steps to help crack down on the number of injuries and deaths related to gun violence, Governor Roy Cooper created an Office of Violence Prevention.

The Office of Violence prevention will work with state and local leaders to try and cut down on violence throughout NC cities and increase public safety.

SPECTRUM NEWS 1: North Carolina justices could revive voter ID previously tossed
A photo voter identification mandate first sought over a decade ago by North Carolina Republicans could be revived after the state Supreme Court reheard on Wednesday a case that led a different combination of justices a few months ago to strike down a voter ID law. The justices agreed last month to take a second look at the court’s December ruling that upheld a trial court ruling that declared a 2018 voter ID law was unconstitutional, tainted by racial bias and designed to help Republicans retain their grip on power at the General Assembly.


NORTH CAROLINA HEALTH NEWS: Gov. Roy Cooper’s $32.9 billion budget proposal bolsters health care, services for children and seniors
Even as the coronavirus emergency winds down, hundreds of millions of dollars allocated by federal lawmakers are still flowing to North Carolina. Against that backdrop on Wednesday morning, Gov. Roy Cooper presented what will be his final biennial state budget proposal

THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: NC Republicans seek tougher fentanyl laws, change to Good Samaritan Law
A new bill making its way through North Carolina’s General Assembly aims to increase the penalties for fentanyl distribution. Senate Bill 189 would increase the fines for those convicted of distributing fentanyl, create new pathways to prosecute those arrested on death by distribution charges, and include a small amount of the drug in the state’s Good Samaritan Law.


WCNC: Bill to repeal North Carolina’s gun permit rules passes General Assembly, heads to Gov. Cooper’s desk
A bill to repeal North Carolina’s pistol permit rules is now headed to Governor Cooper’s desk. After a heated debate on the floor, the Republican-backed Senate Bill 41: Guarantee 2nd Amend Freedom and Protections, was passed by the General Assembly on Wednesday. 

ABC11: Anti-rioting bill becomes law without Gov. Cooper’s signature
Gov. Roy Cooper allowed two bills to become law this week without his signature, including H.B. 40, also known as the Prevent Rioting and Civil Disorder bill.

The new law would increase penalties for rioting or inciting rioting that causes damage to property, serious injury or death.


SPECTRUM NEWS 1: Ferry Division amps up hiring efforts amid shortage
Spring North Carolina ferry schedules were recently updated to include more trips throughout the day, but while visitation is expected to go up, so have the worker shortages. In February, the N.C. Ferry Division hosted four job fairs to combat worker shortages and make sure they’re ready to go for the summer season. Jed Dixon, the deputy director of the North Carolina Ferry Division, says this problem isn’t new.