Gov. Jim Hodges Quoted on South Carolina’s Move to Lead Democratic Presidential Primary State

March 6, 2023

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On February 11, 2023, WBTW featured an interview with McGuireWoods Consulting President Gov. Jim Hodges as he examined the decision to move South Carolina to the lead-off spot on the Democratic presidential primary calendar. Traditionally, Iowa and New Hampshire have led off Democratic voting, with South Carolina being the fourth state.

Hodges noted that South Carolina voters have served a key role in picking future presidents, as the state served as a landmark victory for both Joe Biden’s and Barack Obama’s presidential run. South Carolina also features a very diverse population, one that enhances the role of African American voters who have provided a base of support for the Democratic Party.

Hodges also noted that the early start should provide a boost to the state. “We’re first up at bat, and I think it’s pretty good to be first at-bat. Momentum is so important when it comes to presidential campaigns. If someone has momentum heading out of South Carolina, they’re likely to continue to be very successful in the campaign and to get the nomination.”