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January 31, 2023

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Economic Development

WRAL TECH WIRE: Economic growth is slowing in North Carolina, NCSU index reveals
North Carolina’s economy is slowing, according to the latest index tracking leading economic indicators in the state. The index, published monthly by Dr. Mike Walden, an economist and a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University, forecasts the direction of North Carolina’s economy four to six months into the future.

THE CENTER SQUARE: Bill seeks improved assessment technique for economic distress levels
North Carolina lawmakers are considering legislation to review the state’s economic development tier system to address disparities among different communities in the same county. State Rep. Ben Moss, R-Richmond, filed House Bill 13 this week. It would, if enacted, direct the Joint Legislative Economic Development and Global Engagement Oversight Committee to study the state’s economic development tier ranking system of counties and evaluate several factors.


EDNC: Education bills to watch in North Carolina’s 2023 legislative session
The long session of the General Assembly officially kicked off this week, and with it came a slew of bills that would affect public schools and education.

WUNC: NC Superintendent Catherine Truitt on staffing shortages, teacher pay and more
The new legislative session begins in earnest this week, and at the top of the agenda is to figure out what — and how much — to spend on public education. Nearly 40% of the state budget typically goes to fund K-12 education. Catherine Truitt has some ideas on how that education budget should look.


THE RICHMOND OBSERVER: Moss files Energy Security Act, other legislation as General Assembly reconvenes
As the North Carolina General Assembly began its current session earlier this week, Rep. Ben Moss wasted no time introducing what he calls “common-sense legislation that will help make our communities a better place to live, work, and raise a family.” One bill filed by Moss, R-Richmond, is H.B. 21, the Energy Security Act of 2023, which would require utility providers to have around-the-clock security systems at substations to protect against vandalism “in an attempt to secure our electrical grid against further attacks.” 


AP NEWS: North Carolina lawmakers back to work for 2023, filing bills
The North Carolina General Assembly returned to Raleigh on Wednesday after its usual two-week January break and turned to the business of legislating — filing bills on several topics familiar to veteran lawmakers. The House and Senate held midday floor meetings, marking when the two-year legislative session begins in earnest. 

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: What state workers should know about the new TikTok ban on NC-owned phones, computers
For thousands of people who use a phone or computer that is owned by the state of North Carolina, it’s time to stop looking at TikTok. At least on your government-owned device or while you’re at work. 


WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: NC Senate bill would give attorney general more oversight over health-care system deals
A bipartisan state Senate bill would require health-care systems to submit acquisition and merger proposals for state attorney general review before reaching any agreement. Senate Bill 16, titled “Preserving Competition and Health Care,” was filed Wednesday.

THE CENTER SQUARE: April 1 change could remove estimated 375,000 from Medicaid in North Carolina
As many as 375,000 North Carolinians could lose Medicaid coverage when the federal government ends a continuous coverage requirement from the pandemic that prevented states from removing those who do not quality. The April 1 transition will require the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to requalify Medicaid beneficiaries for coverage over the following year, as the federal government phases out enhanced funding for the continuous coverage. 


SPECTRUM NEWS: North Carolina’s lawmakers land key leadership roles in Congress
With the new session of Congress in full swing, some of North Carolina’s lawmakers have obtained leadership roles which could have significant impacts on the Tar Heel state. The state’s Congressional delegation underwent a major overhaul after last year’s midterms: Five new members were elected, with Democrats gaining seats. 


THE CAROLINA JOURNAL: NCDOT pays off state loan two years ahead of schedule
The North Carolina Department of Transportation has replenished the state’s Highway Trust Fund (HTF) with $1.1 billion — two years ahead of schedule.

N.C. State Treasurer Dale Folwell made the announcement in a press release Thursday. He noted the dramatic turnaround from four years ago in 2019.

SPECTRUM NEWS 1: Improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians in North Carolina
Pedestrian and cyclist deaths in North Carolina have transportation advocates sounding the alarm and calling for safer infrastructure. There’s no easy solution to decreasing these deaths to zero, but several measures are being taken to try to get there.