North Carolina 2022 Midterm Election Review

November 9, 2022

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The Results

3,745,547 voters, just over 50% of registered voters, cast their ballots in Tuesday’s midterm elections, up about 2% over the 2018 midterm elections. This year, voters provided Republicans with two more years of control in the North Carolina General Assembly. While the House fell just one seat short of a supermajority, the Senate was able to hit the 30-seat supermajority threshold. The House will be made up of 71 Republicans and 49 Democrats with 23 new members joining the legislature in January. The Senate will welcome 30 Republicans and 20 Democrats with 12 being new members when lawmakers return in 2023. North Carolinians will send Republican Ted Budd to the US Senate in addition to 7 Republicans and 7 Democrats to the US House of Representatives.  

Below, we lay out the totals from each of last night’s general races, from the race for North Carolina’s US Senate seat down to the State Senate and House. This Friday, we will provide a comprehensive list of everyone who previously served in leadership who will not be returning this January.

Federal Level Races

(I) denotes incumbent. Bold denotes winner.

US Senate

Republican: Ted Budd (50.71%)
Democrat: Cheri Beasley (47.08%)

US House of Representatives 

District 1

Republican: Sandy Smith (47.73%)
Democrat: Don Davis (52.27%)

District 2

Republican: Christine Villaverde (35.37%)
Democrat: Deborah Ross (I) (64.43%)

District 3

Republican: Greg Murphy (I) (67.03%)
Democrat: Barbara Gaskins (32.97%)

District 4

Republican: Courtney Geels (33.29%)
Democrat: Valerie Foushee (66.71%)

District 5

Republican: Virginia Foxx (I) (63.43%)
Democrat: Kyle Parrish (36.57%)

District 6

Republican: Christian Castelli (45.17%)
Democrat: Kathy Manning (I) (53.75%)

District 7

Republican: David Rouzer (I) (57.83%)
Democrat: Charles Graham (42.17%)

District 8

Republican: Dan Bishop (I) (70.11%)
Democrat: Scott Huffman (29.89%)

District 9

Republican: Richard Hudson (I) (56.70%)
Democrat: Ben Clark (43.30%)

District 10

Republican: Patrick McHenry (I) (72.74%)
Democrat: Pam Genant (27.13%)

District 11

Republican: Chuck Edwards (53.94%)
Democrat: Jasmine BeachFerrara (44.37%)

District 12

Republican: Tyler Lee (37.42%)
Democrat: Alma Adams (I) (62.58%)

District 13

Republican: Bo Hines (48.68%)
Democrat: Wiley Nickel (51.32%)

District 14

Republican: Pat Harrigan (42.53%)
Democrat: Jeff Jackson (57.47%)

Statewide Judicial Races

North Carolina Supreme Court

Republicans won both seats up for election on the North Carolina Supreme Court, giving them a new 52 majority on the bench. 


Republican: Richard Diez (52.59%)
Democrat: Lucy Inman (47.41%)


Republican: Trey Allen (52.39%)
Democrat: Sam J. Ervin IV (I) (47.61%)

North Carolina Court of Appeals

On the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Republicans already held a majority, but expanded on it, picking up two additional seats.


Republican: Julee Tate Flood (52.62%)
Democrat: Carolyn Jennings Thompson (47.38%)


Republican: Donna Stroud (I) (54.60%)
Democrat: Brad Salmon (45.40%)


Republican: John M. Tyson (I) (52.95%)
Democrat: Gale Murray Adams (47.05%)


Republican: Michael J. Stading (52.62%)
Democrat: Darren Jackson (I) (47.38%)

North Carolina Senate Results

Senate Republicans picked up a net of two seats, to give them 30 seats in the Senate. They needed 30 seats for a supermajority in the chamber. There will be 12 new members of the Senate next year.

(I) denotes incumbent. Bold denotes winner.

Senate District 01:

Republican: Norman Sanderson (I) Unopposed

Senate District 02:

Republican: Jim Perry (I) Unopposed

Senate District 03:

Republican: Bobby Hanig (I) (52.55%)
Democrat: Valerie Jordan (47.45%)

Senate District 04:

Republican: Buck Newton (57.6%)
Democrat: Incumbent Toby Fitch, Jr. (42.4%)

Senate District 05:

Republican: Karen Kozel (47.93%)
Democrat: Kandie Smith (52.07%)

Senate District 06:

Republican: Michael Lazzara (I) Unopposed

Senate District 07:

Republican: Michael Lee (I) (51.22%)
Democrat: Marcia Morgan (48.78%)

Senate District 08:

Republican: Bill Rabon (I) Unopposed

Senate District 09:

Republican: Brent Jackson (I) Unopposed

Senate District 10:

Republican: Benton Sawrey (64.12%)
Democrat: Gettys Cohen, Jr (35.88%)

Senate District 11:

Republican: Lisa Stone Barnes (I) (54.93%)
Democrat: Mark Speed (45.07%)

Senate District 12:

Republican: Jim Burgin (I) (63.6%)
Democrat: Richard Chapman (36.4%)

Senate District 13:

Republican: David Bankert (34.53%)
Democrat: Lisa Grafstein (62.12%)
Libertarian: Michael Munger (3.35%)

Senate District 14:

Republican: Chris Baker (28.3%)
Democrat: Dan Blue (I) (68.86%)
Libertarian: Matthew Laszacs (2.84%)

Senate District 15:

Republican: Emanuela Prister (29.49%)
Democrat: Jay Chaudhuri (I) (67.34%)
Libertarian: Sammie Brooks (3.17%)

Senate District 16:

Republican: James Powers (30.97%)
Democrat: Gale Adcock (64.93%)
Libertarian: Dee Watson (2.34%)
Green: Michael Trudeau (1.76%)

Senate District 17:

Republican: Mark Cavaliero (46.27%)
Democrat: Sydney Batch (I) (51.55%)
Libertarian: Patrick J. Bowersox (2.18%)

Senate District 18:

Republican: E.C. Sykes (46.21%)
Democrat: Mary Wills Bode (51.15%)
Libertarian: Ryan Brown (2.65%)

Senate District 19:

Republican: Wesley Meredith (47.58%)
Democrat: Val Applewhite (52.42%)

Senate District 20:

Republican: Alvin Reed (27.35%)
Democrat: Natalie Murdock (I) (72.65%)

Senate District 21:

Republican: Tom McInnis (I) (54.85%)
Democrat: Frank McNeill (45.15%)

Senate District 22:

Republican: Larry Coleman (19.66%)
Democrat: Mike Woodard (I) (78.33%)
Libertarian: Ray Ubinger (2.0%)

Senate District 23:

Republican: Landon Woods (32.9%)
Democrat: Graig Meyer (67.1%)

Senate District 24:

Republican: Danny Earl Britt, Jr. (I) (58.34%)
Democrat: Darrel (BJ) Gibson, Jr. (41.66%)

Senate District 25:

Republican: Amy Scott Galey (I) (62.97%)
Democrat: Sean C. Ewing (37.03%)

Senate District 26:

Republican: Phil Berger (I) Unopposed

Senate District 27:

Republican: Richard (Josh) Sessoms (45.63%)
Democrat: Michael Garrett (I) (54.37%)

Senate District 28:

Republican: Paul Schumacher (27.03%)
Democrat: Gladys Robinson (I) (72.97%)

Senate District 29:

Republican: Dave Craven (I) (73.13%)
Democrat: Brooke Crump (26.87%)

Senate District 30:

Republican: Steve Jarvis (I) (76.83%)
Democrat: Monique D. Johnson (23.17%)

Senate District 31:

Republican: Joyce Krawiec (I) Unopposed

Senate District 32:

Republican: George K. Ware (40.89%)
Democrat: Paul Lowe, Jr. (I) (59.11%)

Senate District 33:

Republican: Carl Ford (I) (73.34%)
Democrat: Tangela (Lucy Horne) Morgan (26.66%)

Senate District 34:

Republican: Paul R. Newton (I) (57.27%)
Democrat: Keshia Sandidge (42.73%)

Senate District 35:

Republican: Todd Johnson (I) Unopposed

Senate District 36:

Republican: Eddie Settle– Wilkes Unopposed

Senate District 37:

Republican: Vickie Sawyer (I) Unopposed

Senate District 38:

Democrat: Mujtaba Mohammed (I) Unopposed

Senate District 39:

Republican: Mark Robeson (36.34%)
Democrat: DeAndrea Salvador (I) (63.66%)

Senate District 40:

Republican: Joyce Waddell (I) (67.15%)
Democrat: Bobbie Shields (32.85%)

Senate District 41:

Republican: Bonni Leone (33.62%)
Democrat: Natasha Marcus (I) (66.38%)

Senate District 42:

Republican: Cheryl Russo (45.31%)
Democrat: Rachel Hunt (54.69%)

Senate District 43:

Republican: Brad Overcash Unopposed

Senate District 44:

Republican: Ted Alexander (I) Unopposed

Senate District 45:

Republican: Dean Proctor (I) Unopposed

Senate District 46:

Republican: Warren Daniel (I) (60.4%)
Democrat: Billy Martin (39.6%)

Senate District 47:

Republican: Ralph Hise (I) Unopposed

Senate District 48:

Republican: Tim Moffitt (64.95%)
Democrat: Jay Carey (35.05%)

Senate District 49:

Republican: John Anderson (34.47%)
Democrat: Julie Mayfield (I) (65.53%)

Senate District 50:

Republican: Kevin Corbin (I) (66.15%)
Democrat: Karen Burnette McCracken (33.85%)

For a full list of results click here.

North Carolina House Results

House Republicans picked up a net of two seats, to give them 71 seats in the House. That is one seat short of the 72 needed for a supermajority in the chamber. There will be 23 new members of the House next year.

(I) denotes incumbent. Bold denotes winner.

House District 01:

Republican: Edward Goodwin (I) Unopposed

House District 02:

Republican: Larry Yarborough (I) (43.60%)
Democrat: Ray Jeffers (54.41%)
Libertarian: Gavin Bell (1.99%)

House District 03:

Republican: Steve Tyson (I) Unopposed

House District 04:

Republican: Jimmy Dixon (I) (66.68%)
Democrat: Wesley L. Boykin (33.32%)

House District 05:

Republican: Bill Ward (53.97%)
Democrat: Howard Hunter (I) (46.03%)

House District 06:

Republican: Joe Pike (60.79%)
Democrat: Kiara Johnson (39.21%)

House District 07:

Republican: Matthew Winslow (I) Unopposed

House District 08:

Republican: Charles (Drock) Vincent (46.66%)
Democrat: Gloristine Brown (53.34%)

House District 09:

Republican: Timothy Reeder (50.78%)
Democrat: Brian Farkas (I) (49.22%)

House District 10:

Republican: John Bell (I) Unopposed

House District 11:

Democrat: Allison Dahle (I) Unopposed

House District 12:

Republican: Chris Humphrey (I) (61.54%)
Democrat: Lillie Williams (38.46%)

House District 13:

Republican: Celeste Cairns (71.44%)
Democrat: Katie Tomberlin (28.56%)

House District 14:

Republican: George Cleveland (I) (66.35%)
Democrat: Isaiah (Ike) Johnson (33.65%)

House District 15:

Republican: Phil Shepard (I) (68.19%)
Democrat: Christopher Schulte (31.81%)

House District 16:

Republican: Carson Smith (I) Unopposed

House District 17:

Republican: Frank Iler (I) (62.40%)
Democrat: Eric Terashima (37.60%)

House District 18:

Republican: John Hinnant (46.91%)
Democrat: Deb Butler (I) (53.09%)

House District 19:

Republican: Charles Miller (I) Unopposed

House District 20:

Republican: Ted Davis (I) (51.49%)
Democrat: Amy Block DeLoach (48.51%)

House District 21:

Republican: Gerard Falzon (30.23%)
Democrat: Ya Liu (67.42%)
Libertarian: Joshua Morris (2.35%)

House District 22:

Republican: William Brisson (I) Unopposed

House District 23:

Republican: James Crowell Proctor (45.62%)
Democrat: Shelly Willingham (I) (54.38%)

House District 24:

Republican: Ken Fontenot (45.75%)
Democrat: Linda CooperSuggs (I) (45.75%)

House District 25:

Republican: Allen Chesser (52.96%)
Democrat: James Gailliard (I) (44.58%)
Libertarian: Nick Taylor (2.46%)

House District 26:

Republican: Donna McDowell White (I) (59.44%)
Democrat: Linda Bennet (40.56%)

House District 27:

Republican: Wes Tripp (38.57%)
Democrat: Michael Wray (I) (61.43%)

House District 28:

Republican: Larry Strickland (I) (72.08%)
Democrat: Wendy Ella May (27.92%)

House District 29:

Democrat: Vernetta Alston (I) Unopposed

House District 30:

Republican: William G. Antico (11.83%)
Democrat: Marcia Morey (I) (86.31%)
Libertarian: Guy Meilleur (1.86%)

House District 31:

Libertarian: Sean Haugh (15.84%)
Democrat: Zack Hawkins (I) (84.16%)

House District 32:

Republican: Frank Sossamon (51.39%)
Democrat: Terry Garrison (I) (48.61%)

House District 33:

Republican: Stephanie Dingee (37.51%)
Democrat: Rosa Gill (I) (59.44%)
Libertarian: Chris Costello (3.05%)

House District 34:

Republican: Ashley Seshul (36.89%)
Democrat: Tim Longest (60.07%)
Libertarian: Kat McDonald (3.04%)

House District 35:

Republican: Fred Von Canon (46.34%)
Democrat: Terence Everitt (I) (51.71%)
Libertarian: Joseph Serio (1.95%)

House District 36:

Republican: John Harris (41.78%)
Democrat: Julie von Haefen (I) (55.75%)
Libertarian: Kyle Ward (2.47%)

House District 37:

Republican: Erin Pare (53.11%)
Democrat: Christine Kelly (44.78%)
Libertarian: Christopher Robinson (2.11%)

House District 38: 

Democrat: Abe Jones (I) (87.41%)
Libertarian: Christopher Mizelle (12.59%)

House District 39:

Democrat: James Roberson (I) (59.96%)
Republican: Greg Jones (40.04%)

House District 40:

Republican: Marilyn Avila (43.01%)
Democrat: Joe John (I) (54.55%)
Libertarian: Michael Nelson (2.44%)

House District 41:

Republican: Bruce K. Forster (33.75%)
Democrat: Maria Cervania (63.70%)
Libertarian: Kevin Terrett (2.54%)

House District 42:

Republican: Gloria Carrasco (28.87%)
Democrat: Marvin Lucas (I) (71.13%)

House District 43:

Democrat: Elmer Floyd (44.79%)
Republican: Diane Wheatley (I) (55.21%)

House District 44:

Democrat: Charles Smith Unopposed

House District 45:

Republican: Susan Chapman (54.79%)
Democrat: Frances Jackson (45.21%)

House District 46:

Republican: Brenden Jones (I) Unopposed

House District 47:

Republican: Jarrod Lowery (60.76%)
Democrat: Charles Townsend (39.24%)

House District 48:

Republican: Melissa Swarbrick (46.53%)
Democrat: Garland Pierce (I) (53.47%)

House District 49:

Republican: David Robertson (29.64%)
Democrat: Cynthia Ball (I) (67.54%)
Libertarian: Michael Oakes (2.82%)

House District 50:

Democrat: Renee Price (59.33%)
Republican: Charles Lopez (40.67%)

House District 51:

Republican: John Sauls (I) (65.17%)
Democrat: Malcom Hall (34.83%)

House District 52:

Republican: Ben Moss (I) Unopposed

House District 53:

Republican: Howard Penny, Jr. (I) (67.3%)
Democrat: Kevin G. Thurman (32.7%)

House District 54:

Republican: Walter Petty (44.9%)

Democrat: Robert Reives (I) (55.1%)

House District 55:

Republican: Mark Brody (I) Unopposed

House District 56:

Democrat: Allen Buansi (I) Unopposed

House District 57:

Republican: Michelle C. Bardsley (45.05%)
Democrat: Ashton Clemmons (I) (54.95%)

House District 58:

Republican: Chrissy Smith (30.97%)
Democrat: Amos Quick (I) (69.03%)

House District 59:

Republican: Jon Hardister (I) (56.41%)
Democrat: Sherrie Young (43.59%)

House District 60:

Republican: Bob Blasingame (41.13%)
Democrat: Cecil Brockman (I) (58.87%)

House District 61:

Democrat: Pricey Harrison (I) Unopposed

House District 62:

Republican: John Faircloth (I) (52.33%)
Democrat: Brandon Gray (47.67%)

House District 63:

Republican: Stephen Ross (51.21%)
Democrat: Ricky Hurtado (I) (48.79%)

House District 64:

Republican: Dennis Riddell (I) (62.69%)
Democrat: Ron Osborne (37.31%)

House District 65:

Republican: A. Reece Pyrtle, Jr (I) (67.24%)
Democrat: Jay Donecker (32.76%)

House District 66:

Republican: Ives Brizuela de Sholar (27.42%)
Democrat: Sarah Crawford (69.95)
Libertarian: Micao Penaflor (2.63%)

House District 67:

Republican: Wayne Sasser (I) Unopposed

House District 68:

Republican: David Willis (I) Unopposed

House District 69:

Republican: Dean Arp (I) (66.77%)
Democrat: Leigh Coulter (33.23%)

House District 70:

Republican: Brian Biggs (79.17%)
Democrat: Susan Lee (Susie) Scott (20.83%)

House District 71:

Democrat: Kanika Brown Unopposed

House District 72:

Republican: Shelton Stallworthy (26.24%)
Democrat: Amber Baker (I) (73.76%)

House District 73:

Republican: Brian Echevarria (49.22%)
Democrat: Diamond StatonWilliams (50.78%)

House District 74:

Republican: Jeff Zenger (I) (52.64%)
Democrat: Carla Catalan Day (47.36%)

House District 75:

Republican: Donny Lambeth (I) Unopposed

House District 76:

Republican: Harry Warren (I) Unopposed

House District 77:

Republican: Julia Howard (I) Unopposed

House District 78:

Republican: Neal Jackson (76.69%)
Democrat: Erik Davis (23.31%)

House District 79:

Republican: Keith Kidwell (I) Unopposed

House District 80:

Republican: Sam Watford (I) (78.66%)
Democrat: Dennis S. Miller (21.34%)

House District 81:

Republican: Larry Potts (I) (74.54%)
Democrat: Joe Watkins (25.46%)

House District 82:

Republican: Kristin Baker, M.D. (I) Unopposed

House District 83:

Republican: Kevin Crutchfield Unopposed

House District 84:

Republican: Jeffrey McNeely (I) Unopposed

House District 85:

Republican: Dudley Greene (I) (74.64%)
Democrat: Robert Cordle (25.36%)

House District 86:

Republican: Hugh Blackwell (I) Unopposed

House District 87:

Republican: Destin Hall (I) (76.33%)
Democrat: Barbara Kirby (23.67%)

House District 88:

Republican: Anne Marie Peacock (30.89%)
Democrat: Mary Belk (I) (69.11%)

House District 89:

Republican: Mitchell Setzer (I) Unopposed

House District 90:

Republican: Sarah Stevens (I) Unopposed

House District 91:

Republican: Kyle Hall (I) Unopposed

House District 92:

Republican: Mario J. Robinson, Sr (30.68%)
Democrat: Terry Brown (I) (69.32%)

House District 93:

Republican: Ray Pickett (I) (58.93%)
Democrat: Ben Massey (41.07%)

House District 94:

Republican: Jeffrey Elmore (I) (80.14%)
Democrat: Chuck Hubbard (19.83%)

House District 95:

Republican: Grey Mills (I) (67.84%)
Democrat: Amanda Kotis (32.16%)

House District 96:

Republican: Jay Adams (I) Unopposed

House District 97:

Republican: Jason Saine (I) Unopposed

House District 98:

Republican: John Bradford (I) (51.23%)