Florida Politics Covers MWC Comments on Transition Teams as New Administrations Set Priorities

November 20, 2020

Pardon Our Dust

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In a Nov. 18 daily roundup, Florida Politics provided an overview of comments from McGuireWoods Consulting on transition teams, including insights from MWC president, Gov. Jim Hodges and senior vice president, Mike Reynold.

As President-elect Biden begins to lay out his transition plan, state governments across the country are doing the same.

“The transition is an important time for a new administration to begin developing its initial priorities,” Hodges said. “It’s also an opportunity for stakeholders to advance issues to be included in a new administration’s initial priorities.”

State level governments must prepare for a new dynamic between D.C. and the states.

“Now is the perfect time to build relationships with newly elected governors and state legislators,” Reynold said. “New officials want to hear from stakeholders and how their policies and legislation will impact your business. We encourage companies to develop thoughtful messages that can be coupled with an aggressive outreach plan: it will yield positive results in the months and years to come.”

Reynold served as Deputy Director of Policy for Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell, where he oversaw major legislative initiatives and advised on finance, transportation, health care, technology, procurement and administrative issues. Gov. Hodges has first-hand experience with transitions, including when he assumed the South Carolina governorship in 1999.