Stephanie Kennan Comments on Biden’s Potential Drug Pricing Reform

November 19, 2020

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With the possibility of a divided Congress in Washington this January, President-elect Biden will need to find bipartisan support to advance his healthcare priorities.

In an Nov. 7 article for Fierce Healthcare and a Nov. 16 article for AIS Health, McGuireWoods Consulting senior vice president, Stephanie Kennan, commented on the potential to find common ground on drug pricing legislation between Republicans and Democrats.

“I know there are members in the Senate who really want to do something on drug prices and frustrated efforts did not go anywhere,” Kennan said.

Biden has expressed interest in the idea of using a third party to help set prices for new drugs, and has released a plan that would use a drug value assessment agency to explore the value of a drug before it hits the market.

“A president can do a lot even with a divided Congress,” Kennan noted. “Part of how well something gets done depends upon the skills of the president or those negotiating for him. With Biden perhaps having a better understanding of the Senate, having come from the Senate, [that] might help him.”