Richmond Times-Dispatch Reviews Frank Atkinson’s New Political Novel

October 15, 2020

Pardon Our Dust

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McGuireWoods Consulting senior advisor and McGuireWoods LLP partner Frank Atkinson recently published his third book on politics, a novel entitled “The Lion’s Den: A Story of American Renewal.”  

In an Oct. 7, 2020 column reviewing the book, the Richmond Times-Dispatch highlighted Atkinson’s work in Virginia politics over the past 40 years. The column also described how the “Lion’s Den” explores Atkinson’s aspirations for politics, policy and public life.

“It reflects a perspective Atkinson holds dear: that campaigns and governance are about ideas, tested in spirited exchanges by, one hopes, ethically grounded people disinclined to assume, as often is the case now, that an adversary is aberrant because he or she disagrees with you.”

Atkinson wrote the “Lion’s Den” as a client project for and with Larry Sabato’s Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. In comments on the book’s cover, Sabato says the novel is “essential reading for anyone whose confidence in American democracy has been shaken” and credits Atkinson with presenting “a powerfully uplifting story [that] offers hope for bringing Americans together again.”