North Carolina General Assembly Week in Review

August 21, 2020

Pardon Our Dust

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This week, many students around the state headed back to school for an unprecedented academic year. With a majority of K-12 school districts opting to begin the year with remote learning only, the first day of class took place through computers, tablets, and video conferencing for many. This comes as both the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University move to virtual instruction only for the remainder of the semester due to the number of reported COVID cases and clusters on campus – just one week after classes started. 

As of Thursday morning, in the state of North Carolina, there were 149,904 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, 2,003,307 completed tests, 2,465 deaths, and 1,023 current hospitalizations. As we all continue to feel the effects of the global pandemic and adjust to a new normal, we want to highlight a few ways our clients across North Carolina have worked to support residents and make this time a little easier for those throughout the state. Read more about what our clients are doing to help by clicking here.

For more information on COVID-19 in North Carolina, click here to visit the Department of Health and Human Services website, and be sure to stay up to date on the latest federal guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by clicking here.

Health Care Funding

Members of the House Select Committee on COVID-19, Health Care Working Group met this week to hear from Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Secretary Mandy Cohen on the Department’s funding needs moving forward, as well as review the funding requests the committee has received since the legislature passed their original coronavirus relief package, HB 1043: 2020 COVID-19 Recovery Act, back in May. 

The top funding priorities for DHHS included funding for ongoing COVID-19 prevention, education, and awareness, support for mental health services for children and adults, and funding to support treatment and recovery for those fighting the opioid epidemic during this time. The Department is also looking to fund additional community health workers to provide telehealth services and wrap-around supports for rural communities and provide things like food, transportation, medication delivery, etc., to undeserved communities so they are able to safely isolate or quarantine when needed. 

Many of the Department’s top funding priorities and the Health Care Working Group’s funding requests aligned, both emphasizing a need to provide funds to early childhood and child-care facilities, as well as continuing to support assisted living and retirement communities. The working group also suggested providing funds to financially distressed independent physician practices, hospitals that did not already receive funds from the federal package, and funding to continue to increase testing capacity for high-risk populations. 

Election Roundup

There are just 74 more days to go before voters across the country cast their ballots for who they would like to serve as their elected officials, from President to Congress and Governor to state legislators. Over the last few weeks, our team will has highlighted races happening in November from around the state, along with other election resources to keep everyone informed not just on what’s happening in Raleigh, but all over North Carolina, region by region. For more information on how to register or how to vote in North Carolina, click here or here for national registration and voting information.

To catch up on all of the races happening in North Carolina, you can check out our last few editions of Week In Review. For an overview of North Carolina’s US Senate and Council of State races also happening this year, click here. For races taking place in the Western part of the state, click here and for US House and Eastern North Carolina races, click here.

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Central North Carolina Senate Races

When voters cast their ballots on November 3, North Carolinians will also be voting for who will represent them in the state legislature. North Carolina’s state Senate races continue to gain more and more attention as Democrats work to flip control of the chamber. In November, voters in the central part of the state will decide the winners of the following races:

District 14 (Wake)
Incumbent and powerful Minority Leader Sen. Dan Blue (D) is expected to successfully defend his seat against two challengers, Alan David Michael (R) and Justin Walczak (LP).

District 15 (Wake) 
Incumbent Sen. Jay Chaudhuri (D), the Senate Democratic Whip, faces both Mario Lomuscio (R) and Kat McDonald (LP) in the general.

District 16 (Wake)
Incumbent Sen. Wiley Nickel (D) will be facing off against Will Marsh (R).

District 17 (Wake)
Incumbent Sen. Sam Searcy (D) will try to hold on to his seat against Mark Cavaliero (R) and Travis Groo (LP) in a moderate district.

District 18 (Wake)
In the race for the barely left-leaning seat left open by retiring Sen. John Alexander (R), Larry Norman (R) faces Sarah Crawford (D) and Jason Loeback (LP).

District 20 (Durham)
In the seat left open by the resignation of Sen. Floyd McKissick (D), Natalie Murdock (D) faces John Tarantino (R) in one of the most heavily Democratic districts in the state.

District 22 (Durham, Granville, Person)
Incumbent Sen. Mike Woodard (D) faces off against Rick Padgett (R) and Ray Ubinger (LP) this fall in a comfortably left-leaning district.

District 23 (Chatham, Orange)
Incumbent Sen. Valerie Foushee (D) is expected to emerge triumphant against challenger Tom Glendinning (R).

District 24 (Alamance, Guilford)
In the moderate seat being left vacant by the retirement of Sen. Rick Gunn (R), Amy Galey (R) goes up against J.D. Wooten (D) this fall.

District 25 (Anson, Moore, Richmond, Scotland)
Incumbent Sen. Tom McInnis (R) fans a tough fight against Helen Probst Mills (D) for what will likely be a close race in this moderate district.

District 26 (Guilford, Randolph)
Incumbent Sen. Jerry Tillman (R) announced his retirement just a few weeks ago. Newly appointed Sen. Dave Craven (R), one of the youngest members of the legislature, will have to defend his newly-won position against Jane Ledwell Gant (D) this November.

District 27 (Guilford)
Incumbent Sen. Michael Garrett (D) goes up against a young challenger Sebastian King (R), who was formerly a legislative aide in the NC General Assembly. This district is measured as a zero on the partisan index, meaning it is anyone’s game to win this November. 

District 28 (Guilford)
Incumbent Sen. Gladys Robinson (D) is expected to defend her seat against D.R. King (R) in this highly Democratic district.

District 29 (Davidson, Montgomery)
Current state Rep. Steve Jarvis (R) goes up against Duskin Lassiter (D) in one of the Senate’s more right-leaning districts.

District 30 (Caswell, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry)
President Pro Tempore of the NC Senate, Sen. Phil Berger (R) is expected to comfortably secure his reelection this fall against challenger Wally White (D).

District 31 (Davie, Forsyth)
Incumbent Sen. Joyce Krawiec (R) faces Terri Elizabeth LeGrand (D) in what will likely be a close race in this highly contested district.

District 32 (Forsyth)
Incumbent Sen. Paul Lowe (D) faces challenger Ven Challa (R) this fall.

District 33 (Rowan, Stanly)
Incumbent Sen. Carl Ford (R) will take on Tarsha Ellis (D) in November. Ford is expected to emerge triumphant in this race to represent the strongly conservative district.

District 34 (Iredell, Yadkin)
Incumbent and emerging NC Senate leader Sen. Vickie Sawyer (R) will likely succeed in her bid for reelection against newcomer Barry Templeton (D).

District 35 (Union)
Incumbent Sen. Todd Johnson (R) goes up against Jose Santiago (D) in this right-leaning district this fall.

District 36 (Cabarrus, Union)
Incumbent Sen. Paul Newton (R) will face challenger Marcus Singleton (D) on the ballot in the general election.

District 37 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Sen. Jeff Jackson (D) faces off against Sonja Nichols (R) and Jeff Scott (LP) this fall in a district with a partisan index of a mere D+2, which makes it one of the most at-risk Democratic districts in the state.

District 38 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent NC Sen. Mujtaba Mohammed (D) will fight to defend his seat this fall against Republican challenger Jack Brosch.

District 39 (Mecklenburg)
In the seat left open by now US Rep. Dan Bishop (R), DeAndrea Salvador (D) will face Joshua Niday (R) in a district that leans slightly left.

District 40 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Joyce Waddell (D) is expected to handily defeat her challenger Bobby Shields (R) in this strongly left-leaning district.

District 41 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Sen. Natasha Marcus (D) faces a rare challenger from the Constitution Party, Christopher Cole.

District 43 (Gaston)
Incumbent Sen. Kathy Harrington (R) will work to hold onto her seat this fall against challenger William Young (D).

District 44 (Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln)
Incumbent Sen. Ted Alexander (R) goes up against David Lee Lattimore (D) this fall in a strongly right-leaning district.

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Central North Carolina House Races

In addition to US House races, state House candidates will also be on the ballot in November. Races in the central part of the state include: 

District 2 (Granville, Person)
Incumbent Rep. Larry Yarborough (R) faces Democratic challenger Cindy Deporter in what will likely be a close race for a moderate district.

District 11 (Wake)
Incumbent Allison Dahle (D) goes up against Republican challenger Clark Pope and Libertarian Adrian Lee Travers this fall.

District 29 (Durham)
Incumbent Rep. Vernetta Alston (D) is running unopposed to keep this seat which was left open by former Rep. MaryAnn Black (D), who unexpectedly passed away this March after having served a term and a half. 

District 30 (Durham)
Incumbent Marcia Morey (D) is expected to comfortably defend her seat against Libertarian challenger Gavin Bell.

District 31 (Durham)
Incumbent Zack Hawkins (D) will face off against Republican opponent Steven Sosebee, Jr. as well as regular Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh, who has run for a variety of different public positions in the state. This district measures as one of the most left-leaning seats in the House.

District 32 (Granville, Vance, Warren)
Incumbent Terry Garrison (D) is expected to emerge triumphant over Republican opposition David Woodson in this comfortably Democratic district.

District 33 (Wake)
Incumbent Rep. Rosa Gill (D) faces Frann Sarpolus (R) and Sammie Brooks (LP) in this left-leaning district.

District 34 (Wake)
In one of Wake County’s tighter races, incumbent Rep. Grier Martin (D) will face Ronald Smith (R) and Michael Munger (LP) in the fight to retain his seat.

District 35 (Wake)
Fred Von Canon (R) and Michael Nelson (LP) will each attempt to unseat incumbent Terence Everitt (D) in a more moderate district that could be up for grabs this November.

District 36 (Wake)
Incumbent Julie von Heaven (D) will defend her House seat against challengers Kim Coley (R) and Bruce Basson (LP).

District 37 (Wake)
Freshman Sydney Batch (D) will try to hang on for a second term as she is challenged by Erin Pare (R) and Liam Leaver (LP).

District 38 (Wake)
This left-leaning seat, left open by current Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley (D) as she makes a play for Lt. Governor, is up for grabs by Abe Jones (D), Kenneth Bagnal (R), and Richard Haygood (LP). 

District 39 (Wake)
Incumbent and Minority Leader Darren Jackson (D) is running unopposed in a bid for his seventh term in office.

District 40 (Wake)
In yet another close race in Wake County, incumbent Rep. Joe John (D) hopes to fight off Republican challenger Gerard Falzon.

District 41 (Wake)
Democratic incumbent Gale Adcock will attempt to hold her seat against challengers Scott Populorum (R) and Guy Meilleur (LP).

District 49 (Wake)
Incumbent Rep. Cynthia Ball (D) faces David Robertson (R) and Cap Hayes (LP) for this Wake County seat.

District 50 (Caswell, Orange)
Incumbent Rep. Graig Meyer (D), a leading fundraiser in his caucus, is running unopposed this November.

District 52 (Moore)
Incumbent Rep. Jamie Boles (R), a leader in criminal justice and public safety issues, faces off against Lowell Simon (D) in this comfortably Republican district.

District 54 (Chatham, Durham)
Incumbent Rep. Robert Rieves (D), a leader in his caucus, faces challenger George Gilson, Jr. (R) in November.

District 55 (Anson, Union)
In a district that has swung much further left since being redrawn, incumbent Rep. Mark Brody (R) will attempt to defeat challenger Gloria Harrington Overcash (D).

District 56 (Orange)
Incumbent Rep. Verla Insko (D) runs unopposed in November.

District 57 (Guilford)
Incumbent Rep. Ashton Clemmons (D) faces Republican challenger Chris Meadows in this strongly Democratic district.

District 58 (Guilford)
Incumbent Rep. Amos Quick (D) is expected to emerge triumphant against challenger Clinton Honey (R) in a deeply blue district.

District 59 (Guilford)
Incumbent Rep. Jon Hardister (R) will have a tough fight in this toss-up district against Democrat Nicole Quick.

District 60 (Guilford)
Republican Frank Ragsdale will face an uphill battle in his attempt to unseat incumbent Rep. Cecil Brockman (D).

District 61 (Guilford)
Incumbent Pricey Harrison (D), a longtime House member, runs unopposed this November in her heavily Democratic district.

District 62 (Guilford)
Powerful House Rep. John Faircloth (R) is expected to comfortably defend his seat against his opponent Brandon Gray (D).

District 63 (Alamance)
Incumbent Rep. Stephen Ross (R), a respected leader in his caucus, faces a tough fight in a district that just barely leans left. He faces Democratic challenger Ricky Hurtado in November.

District 64 (Alamance)
Incumbent Rep. Dennis Riddell (R), a champion of regulatory reform issues, faces Eric Henry (D) on the ballot in the general election.

District 65 (Rockingham)
Incumbent Rep. Jerry Carter (R) faces challenger Amanda Joann Bell (D) this fall.

District 66 (Montgomery, Richmond, Stanly)
Incumbent Rep. Scott Brewer (D), who was appointed to the seat in 2019, will be facing off against Ben Moss (R).

District 67 (Cabarrus, Stanly)
Incumbent Rep. Wayne Sasser (R) is running unopposed in a strongly right-leaning district.

District 68 (Union)
In this seat, left open by longtime education policy leader Rep. Craig Horn (R) following his unsuccessful bid for Superintendent of Public Education, Republican David Willis will face Democrat Ericka McKnight. Willis, who is also an expert in the education field, is expected to win comfortably in this conservative district.

District 69 (Union)
Rep. Dean Arp (R), an incumbent and powerful member of the majority party, is expected to retain his seat as he faces Democrat Pam De Maria this November.

District 70 (Randolph)
In one of the state’s more conservative House districts, Rep. Pat Hurley (R) will likely hang onto her seat when she goes up against Susie Scott (D) in the general election.

District 71 (Forsyth)
Incumbent Rep. Evelyn Terry (D) is running unopposed this year.

District 72 (Forsyth)
In this open seat, Democrat Amber Baker is running against Republican Dan Lawlor.

District 73 (Forsyth, Yadkin)
Incumbent Rep. Lee Zachary (R) faces William Stinson (D) in this contest.

District 74 (Forsyth)
This open seat, in a relatively moderate district, will see a tight race between Jeff Zenger (R) and Dan Hesse (D).

District 75 (Forsyth)
Incumbent Rep. Donny Lambeth (R), a powerful Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, faces Democratic challenger Elisabeth Motsinger.

District 76 (Rowan)
Rep. Harry Warren (R) faces a tough fight against challenger Al Heggins (D) in one of the state’s more moderate districts.

District 77 (Davie, Rowan)
Powerful incumbent and longtime House member, Rep. Julia Howard (R), who chairs the House Finance committee, can be expected to handily defeat challenger Barbara Howard (D) this fall.

District 78 (Moore, Randolph)
Incumbent Rep. Allen McNeill (R) will likely defend his seat against Jim Meredith (D) in this highly Republican district.

District 80 (Davidson)
Former NC Rep. Sam Watford (R) faces Wendy Sellars (D) for this deeply red seat after winning a three-way Republican primary in which he faced another former representative from his area, Roger Younts. 

District 81 (Davidson)
Incumbent Rep. Larry Potts (R) faces Robert Lewis Jordan (D). Potts is expected to comfortably defend his position in this very conservative district.

District 82 (Cabarrus)
In this race, the seat left open this February by the untimely passing of longterm Rep. Linda Johnson (R), is up for grabs between incumbent Rep. Kristin Baker (R) and Aimy Steele (D).

District 83 (Cabarrus, Rowan)
One of the state’s most vocally conservative members, Rep. Larry Pittman (R), faces challenger Gail Young (D) in a district that leans only slightly right. 

District 84 (Iredell)
Incumbent Rep. Jeffrey McNeely (R) faces off against Gayle Wesley Harris (D) this November.

District 86 (Burke)
Incumbent Rep. Hugh Blackwell (R), a leader on education issues in the state, faces challenger Cecelia Surratt (D) in the general election this year.

District 88 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Mary Belk (D) is expected to hold her seat against Republican challenger David Tondreau this fall.

District 91 (Rockingham, Stokes, Surry)
Incumbent Rep. Kyle Hall (R), one of the state’s youngest legislators, faces off against Rita Cruise (D) in this heavily Republican-leaning district.

District 92 (Mecklenburg)
This district, left open by current NC Rep. Chaz Beasley (D), who failed in his bid this March for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor, will be won by either Terry Brown (D) or Jerry Munden (R).

District 95 (Iredell)
In a seat being left vacant by retiring Rep. John Fraley (R), Grey Mills (R) goes up against Amanda Brown Kotis (D) in a strongly conservative district.

District 97 (Lincoln)
Incumbent Rep. Jason Saine (R), a powerful senior budget writer and the leading voice in the state on IT policy, is expected to handily defeat challenger Greg McBryde (D).

District 98 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Christy Clark (D) faces a tough challenge this fall as she goes up against former NC Rep. John Bradford (R), whom she defeated for this seat just two years ago.

District 99 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Nasif Majeed (D) faces challenger Russell Rowe (R) in November.

District 100 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. John Autry (D) heads off against Kalle Thompson (R) on the ballot this general election.

District 101 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Carolyn Logan (D) will face Republican challenger Steve Mauney this year.

District 102 (Mecklenburg)
Highly respected incumbent Rep. Becky Carney (D), a longtime member who beat cancer while in office, faces off against Kyle Kirby (R).

District 103 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Rachel Hunt (D) will face the district’s former Representative, Bill Brawley (R), whom she unseated two years ago.

District 104 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Brandon Lofton (D) goes up this fall against Don Pomeroy (R).

District 105 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Wesley Harris, PhD (D) faces Republican opponent Amy Bynum in the general.

District 106 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Carla Cunningham (D) is running unopposed in one of the state’s most heavily Democratic districts.

District 107 (Mecklenburg)
Incumbent Rep. Kelly Alexander (D), known for being a vocal proponent of legalizing marijuana, goes up against Richard Rivette (R) in one of the state’s most heavily Democratic districts.

District 108 (Gaston)
Incumbent Rep. John Torbett (R), a leader in his caucus and the most prominent leader on transportation policy in his chamber, faces challenger Daniel Caudill (D) in the general.

District 109 (Gaston)
Incumbent Rep. Dana Bumgardner (R) will face off against Susan Maxon (D) this fall.

District 116 (Buncombe)
Incumbent Rep. Brian Turner (D) faces challenger Eric Burns (R).

District 117 (Henderson)
Current Rep. Chuck McGrady (R), a state leader on renewable energy and environmental policy, declined to run for reelection, leaving this district open for former state Rep. Tim Moffitt (R) to challenge Josh Remillard (D) for the seat.

nc house districts

Upcoming Legislative Meetings

Tuesday, August 25
10:00AM House: Select Committee on COVID-19, Education