McGuireWoods Consulting Launches New Women in Public Affairs Initiative

December 5, 2018

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RICHMOND, VA – Today, McGuireWoods Consulting (MWC) is pleased to announce MWC Women in Public Affairs, a new initiative for women working in government affairs and advocacy.

As women continue to increasingly hold positions of leadership, McGuireWoods Consulting is taking the lead in supporting opportunities for the next generation of government affairs and advocacy female leaders. MWC Women in Public Affairs focuses on bringing women in the industry together through a series of local and regional educational events and networking opportunities.

MWC Women in Public Affairs is led by Michele Satterlund, senior vice president with McGuireWoods Consulting and a partner with McGuireWoods LLP. The consulting firm’s initiative is modeled after “Women in Private Equity and Finance,” a successful McGuireWoods law firm initiative led by Amber Walsh, chair of the firm’s healthcare department. 

MWC Women in Public Affairs will focus on providing women working in government affairs and advocacy a platform to share thought leadership and best business practices, as well as raising the profiles of women in the profession.

“As the world changes, women are increasingly taking positions of leadership. We saw a sea change in elections throughout the country and we can count the increasing number of women running for office and being elected into office,” said Satterlund. “We are recognizing this change as a firm, investing in tomorrow’s leaders and working to ensure women in government affairs and advocacy have all the tools they need to succeed.”

Piloted in the fall of 2018, the first phase of the initiative began with collaboration and networking opportunities between the women of McGuireWoods Consulting and women attorneys with McGuireWoods LLP. The inaugural roundtable and networking event brought together Richmond-based consultants, partners and associates to discuss their practices, share business development and collaboration opportunities, as well as client relations insights and successes. As this piece of the initiative is developed, MWC WPA will turn to partnering with clients and other women working in government affairs and advocacy services to help expand existing relationships and support new ideas.

“We are very excited about this initiative and the new opportunities it will bring to MWC and our extended network,” said Mark Bowles, Chairman of McGuireWoods Consulting. “This initiative provides a unique perspective on relationship cultivation and business and professional development. We proudly support MWC WPA’s inclusive and forward-thinking approach to government affairs.”

The MWC Women in Public Affairs initiative will focus on professional development, mentoring, events and networking opportunities.

“This is an exciting time for our firm and our clients. The synergies that this initiative has already begun to create will play a pivotal role in expanding our network and raising the profile of women working in public affairs,” said Gov. Jim Hodges, president of McGuireWoods Consulting.

Starting in Virginia, the initiative plans to expand within MWC’s footprint and will include Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, DC, and our international location in Bucharest, Romania.

“This focused approach on women working in government affairs and advocacy will help women raise their profiles, expand business opportunities and provide substantive educational and networking with women leaders,” said Ashley Groome, director of MWC’s Georgia State Government Relations team. “Developing stronger relationships with our peers in the law firm, as well as with female executives in our industry will open new doors for everyone involved.”

Visit the MWC Women in Public Affairs website for information on upcoming events, as well as our online series “Women in Public Affairs to Know,” to learn more about women’s work on legislative solutions and advocacy services.