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November 19, 2018

Pardon Our Dust

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The 2018 midterm elections were significant due to the volume of statewide races across the country with potential policy and political impact. McGuirewoods Consulting has been tracking developments at the state level and nationwide as transition teams step in for newly elected officials.

With footprint offices across the U.S. and a robust multistate strategies team, McGuireWoods Consulting has relationships with governors, attorneys general and legislators joining the ranks of civil service this January.

Find our detailed reports below, as well as various news stories where our experienced team members discuss what to expect in the next Congress and implications the midterm elections will have for the 2020 presidential election.

2018 U.S. State Election Results
An overview of the significance of the 2018 midterm elections, election resources and interactive maps of gubernatorial and attorneys general race results.

McGuireWoods Consulting’s 2018 Midterm Elections Overview
Paul Reagan talks House Democrats, Stephanie Kennan analyzes new healthcare leadership, Ryan Bernstein discusses energy and agriculture, Michael Drobac explores the potential impact on technology with a divided Congress and Rob Wasinger discusses what to expect from the Trump administration post-midterms.

Emerging Technologies Washington Update – 2018 Midterm Election Overview
Read an overview of expected changes in leadership on congressional committees that shape policies that determine how businesses can integrate emerging technologies to be competitive in today’s economy.

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Florida: Republicans Maintain Stronghold in the Sunshine State
Florida concluded its midterm election with what some in the political world believe are surprising results.

Illinois Update: Midterm Election Overview
This year’s gubernatorial election was the most expensive in state history, with more than $284M in funds raised through the cycle.
North Carolina: Post-Election Review
Democrats made significant gains across the state and broke Republican veto-proof supermajority in the House and the Senate.

Georgia Update: General Election Results
Voters in Georgia went to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 6, in record numbers.

Elections: What Happened in Georgia and What it Means for the Future
MWC senior advisor, Brad Alexander, examines the elections in Georgia – from a historically significant geographic realignment, to voter turnout, to an analysis on what these changes mean for redistricting in 2022.

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2018 South Carolina General Election Recap
This year marks the first time that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor have been elected on the same ticket.
Texas Legislative Update: General Election Recap
Although voter turnout was the highest for any gubernatorial election since 1970, the outcome of the election was as the polls predicted.
Virginia Update: 2018 Midterm Election Recap
While there was only one contested Virginia General Assembly race this November, Election Day had other effects on the Virginia legislature.
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Frank Donatelli Gives 10 Snap Observations on the 2018 Midterm Elections
Voter turnout for the 2018 midterms was the largest in history, college-educated women and suburban voters came out for Democrats in key swing districts, and spending on political advertising during the election cycle came in at about $4.7 billion.

Michael Drobac Comments on Potential Privacy and Cybersecurity Changes in Split Congress
When Congress reconvenes in January, Democrats will be in control of the House for the first time in eight years. Lawmakers will continue to discuss privacy and cybersecurity issues, including whether there should be a federal standard for how companies should be allowed to use and safeguard consumer data and how to stop cyberattacks from foreign entities.

Webinar: 116th Congress – What’s Next for Healthcare Policy?

ACA Court Rulings: Midterms Hold Health Insurance in the Balance
Over the past year, the courts considered cost-sharing reduction payments, the individual mandate, consumer protections, association and short-term health plans. Read an overview of where ACA-related court rulings stand, and how the next Congress may address them.

Healthcare Outlook: Issues on Deck for the Next Congress
A divided legislature prior to a presidential election year may well mean a stalemate on several issues, resulting in bandage fixes instead of comprehensive legislative reform and initiatives.