Best Lawyers Quotes Mona Mohib in 2018 Midterm Election Coverage

November 6, 2018

Pardon Our Dust

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In an Oct. 31 article, Best Lawyers reviewed the 2018 midterm elections, noting that in several states the newly elected leadership will help to decide 2021 redistricting.

Ohio, Florida, Michigan and other states have the potential to increase congressional seats for either Democrats or Republicans through redistricting.

The article references McGuireWoods Consulting’s 2018 U.S. State Elections Interactive Roundup, a report that analyzes each state’s elections – including gubernatorial, attorneys general and state legislature.

“We think for our clients to have a global understanding of the impact of the elections on the way they do business is critical,” Mona Mohib, a senior vice president in McGuireWoods Consulting’s Federal Public Affairs group, said of the firm’s reasons for building the brief. “We pride ourselves on being able to provide them the most important and significant information that helps them in their own planning process as they put together their business priorities.”

The report is a go-to resource for clients and others, and is especially relevant to those who have business plans contingent on state and local outcomes.

“There’s a natural focus on what’s happening on the federal level. The media is going to be very focused on, ‘Does the house flip? What is happening on the senate? Do any incumbents lose?’” Mohib said. “And we are focused on all of it too. But it is also important for our clients and others to know that all of these races are happening across the country—36 races for governor, 30 races for state attorney general, 45 states that are holding elections for legislative seats. And with these elected officials around the country playing a very critical policy-making role, we wanted to be sure our clients were aware and tracking.”