Frank Donatelli Discusses Upcoming Midterm Elections in Opinion Piece for The Hill

September 10, 2018

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In a Sept. 10 opinion piece for The Hill, McGuireWoods Consulting executive vice president and director, Frank Donatelli, compares the upcoming midterm elections and modern politics to a heavyweight fight.

Donatelli’s piece focuses on the House of Representatives, as he notes there are a large number of competitive races across the country, with some 38 House incumbents retiring, and others seeking different offices.

He breaks down the challenges facing Republicans and Democrats, including policy issues, personality factors and legal troubles for Republicans and unserious or unpopular policies from Democrats.

“Precious little time will be focused on issues important to the future of the country,” Donatelli writes. “It is also hard to say how many minds will be changed. But that is not the goal of modern politics, as both parties are focused on base turnout that emphasizes repetition over persuasion.”