Nashville Business Journal Interviews Chris Lloyd on Transit Referendum

May 9, 2018

Pardon Our Dust

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The Nashville Business Journal sought authoritative insight from McGuireWoods Consulting’s Chris Lloyd in reporting on possible damage to Nashville’s robust economic development after voters overwhelmingly defeated a May 1 metropolitan transit referendum.

By almost a 2-to-1 ratio, Nashville residents rejected proposed local tax increases to fund a $5.4 billion light rail and rapid bus system for Tennessee’s fast-growing city. Referendum backers said it was critical to the city’s continued economic growth, noting that Nashville is among just 20 U.S. cities still in contention for Amazon’s new second headquarters.

In the May 2 article, Lloyd — who leads MWC’s infrastructure and economic development practice — said that Nashville can still pitch itself as a prime location for business expansion. He added, “Many companies say having transit is desirable and one of their criteria. But is it lethal? No. Are there many other factors that are encouraging people to come to the Nashville metro area? Yeah.”