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July 3, 2017

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WILSON TIMES: State lawmakers put long session on pause

When the legislature adjourns its “long session” in odd-numbered years,lawmakers typically stay home until the “short session” begins thefollowing spring.

WRAL-NEWS: Legislative session filled with hits, misses

State lawmakers left Raleigh early Friday after a 93-day legislativesession in which they fulfilled their constitutional obligation to pass abudget for the coming year and accomplished several other goals on theRepublican majority’s agenda.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

NEWS & OBSERVER: Wind moratorium, leachate, bags: NC GeneralAssembly 2017

One of the 2017 legislative session’s more vivid bills dealt with what oneenvironmentalist attorney dubbed “garbage juice in a snowblower.

Budget Veto Overridden

WITN-NEWS: Lawmakers finish starte budget veto override

The Republican-controlled General Assembly has made good on its promise tooverride Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of the two-year state budget.

Constitutional Convention

NEWS & OBSERVER: NC legislature rejects effort to joinconstitutional convention movement

In a protracted argument mostly among Republicans, the state House onThursday narrowly voted against requesting a national convention to makechanges to the U.S. Constitution.

Economic Development

NEWS & OBSERVER: 8,000 jobs? NC ‘on the cusp’ of landing majorproject, House speaker says

More than 8,000 new jobs could be lured to North Carolina under a newcorporate incentive program included in the state budget, House Speaker TimMoore said Thursday.

WNCT-NEWS: Judges face hard task in North Carolina school powerstruggle

Judges deciding a dispute over how North Carolina’s schools are run saidThursday that they face a difficult task in ruling on the power balancebetween legislators, the state school board and the statewidesuperintendent.


CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: NC lawmakers will study how to break up largeschool districts

North Carolina lawmakers will study how to break up the state’s largeschool districts after turning down a proposal to also look at how to mergesmall school systems.

NEWS & OBSERVER: Teaching Fellows, Pre-K, class size: NC GeneralAssembly 2017

North Carolina will pay college tuition costs for students who commit toteaching science, technology, engineering, math or special education withinthe state. The N.C. General Assembly eliminated a similar program in 2011.

Elections & Redistricting

NORTH STATE JOURNAL: General Assembly names redistricting committeeahead of lower court order

Just before midnight Wednesday, leadership at the North Carolina GeneralAssembly named the lawmakers who will be instrumental in redraftinglegislative voting district lines previously thrown out by a federal courtfor what they deemed were racially gerrymandered maps.

NEWS & OBSERVER: Judicial maps won’t be redrawn this session

The bill to redraw judicial districts in North Carolina will not advancethis session, the legislation’s sponsor said Tuesday. Rep. Justin Burr,R-Stanly, told The News & Observer that House Bill 717 will be taken upwhen the General Assembly returns in a few months.

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES: Legislature passes council districts billafter altering process to draw lines

A bill to fill most seats on Asheville City Council through districtelections became law Thursday after the House amended it to allow councilto bypass a citizen commission when drawing district lines.

Justice & Public Safety

NEWS & OBSERVER: Guns, opioids, left lane drivers: NC GeneralAssembly 2017

The state Senate took no action on a late-session surprise bill proposed toessentially do away with concealed handgun permits.

WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: Bill to expand ‘revenge pron’ law gets finallegislative OK

The General Assembly has given final approval to expand North Carolina’s”revenge porn” law to cases beyond those where the people already hadrelationships.

Regulatory Reform

NEWS & OBSERVER: Sunday hunting, nonprofit gambling bills pass NClegislature

Two controversial bills that loosen rules for Sunday hunting and nonprofit”game night” events cleared the legislature late Thursday night and areheading to the governor’s desk.

WILMINGTON STR NEWS: NC legislators approve zip line bill

A bill that would require operators of aerial activities like zip lines tocarry liability insurance has unanimously passed the N.C. General Assembly.

WRAL-NEWS: House takes down billboard rules changes

In a sudden defeat for a leading House member, the chamber on Mondaydefeated a proposal to loosen restrictions on billboards.

Resignation & Impeachment Investigation

GREENSBORO NEWS & RECORD: As expected, Brock leaves North CarolinaSenate for new job

A North Carolina state senator has resigned because he’s joining a statecommission that hears unemployment insurance benefit claim appeals.

WRAL-NEWS: House GOP seeks to impeach secretary of state

North Carolina legislative Republicans are taking aim once again atDemocrats in the executive branch of state government.


NEWS & OBSERVER: How your taxes will change after the legislature’slatest session

Starting in 2019, thousands of North Carolinians will see lower stateincome tax bills. The standard deduction level will rise for both singleand married filers, and the income tax rate will drop.


NEWS & OBSERVER: Cameras could catch drivers passing school buses –and lead to a hefty fine

People who illegally pass a stopped school bus could get a ticket in themail under a new camera system, an option schools will have under a billheaded to Gov. Roy Cooper.

WRAL-NEWS: North Carolina’s rural roads among deadlies tin country,study says

Rural roadways in North Carolina follow a national trend of being moredeadly than interstate highways, a recent study shows.

WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: Bill given final OK adds police stop behavior todriver ed

The General Assembly has given its final approval to legislation requiringNorth Carolina’s driver license handbooks and driver’s education curriculumin high school to teach new motorists how to act when stopped by police.