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February 6, 2017

Pardon Our Dust

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NEWS & OBSERVER: 29 North Carolina charter schools get approved to stay open

The State Board of Education renewed 29 charter schools on Thursday allowing the non-traditional public schools to stay open for as many as 10 more years.

In the Courts

GREENSBORO NEWS & RECORD: Judge says Greensboro can hold referendum on redistricting

Some 18 months after it was filed, the lawsuit over state-mandated changes to City Council elections is coming to trial

Leadership Changes

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES: Cooper not yet committed to Cabinet confirmation appearances

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper isn’t committing to have his Cabinet secretaries come before state Senate committees as part of their formal confirmation process, which stems from a new law the governor has sued over to stop.

WILMINGTON STAR NEWS: Deb Butler picked for NC House Seat

Wilmington attorney Deb Butler was selected to fill the N.C. House seat vacated last week by former Rep. Susi Hamilton.

State & Local Government

WRAL-NEWS: Senate Democrats file HB2 repeal bill

Senate Democrats on Wednesday filed a “clean bill” to repeal House Bill 2, the controversial measure dealing with LGBT rights and the use of bathrooms by transgender individuals.

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES: Debt panel backs proposal for health care, pension liability

A committee led by North Carolina’s new state treasurer voted Wednesday to recommend lawmakers set aside money annually to tackle a future bill for state government retiree health care and to ensure pensioners are paid at promised levels for decades to come.

WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: NC House bill aims to make more small businesses use E-Verify to check new workers’ immigration status

A group of state House Republicans is attempting again to make the federal E-Verify employment tracking tool a requirement for more small businesses.


ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES: McGrady seeks to limit condemnation of property

Rep. Chuck McGrady is trying once again to add limits on the ability to condemn property to the state Constitution, saying he wants to make good on one of a few campaign promises Republican legislative candidates made in 2010 that have yet to be fulfilled.