North Carolina General Assembly Week in Review: House Speaker announces interim committee appointments

November 20, 2015

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House Speaker Announces Interim Committee Appointments

This evening, Speaker of the House Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) announced the chamber’s appointments to the 2015-2016 joint legislative oversight committees andstudy committees.

It is expected that each of these committees will be meeting throughout the interim prior to session reconvening in late April.

Administrative Procedure
Rep. Jonathan Jordan, Chair
Rep. Sarah Stevens, Vice Chair
Reps. Rob Bryan, Jeff Collins, Elmer Floyd, Jon Hardister, Darren Jackson, Ken Waddell

Agriculture & Natural and Economic Resources
Rep. Pat McElraft, Chair
Rep. Roger West, Chair
Rep. William Brisson, Vice Chair
Rep. Bob Steinburg, Vice Chair
Advisory Member: Rep. Chuck McGrady

Capital Improvements
Rep. Dean Arp, Chair
Rep. Jon Hardister, Vice Chair
Reps. John Bradford, Ken Goodman, Darren Jackson, Linda Johnson, Jonathan Jordan, Chris Malone

Economic Development & Global Engagement
Rep. Susan Martin, Chair
Rep. George Robinson, Vice Chair
Rep. Chris Malone, Vice Chair
Reps. John Bell, Jeff Collins, John Fraley, Ted Davis, Ken Goodman, Ed Hanes, Rodney Moore, Rena Turner
Advisory Members:Reps. Mark Brody, Josh Dobson, Charles Jeter, Chris Millis, Michele Presnell, Susi Hamilton, Rick Catlin

Rep. Rob Bryan, Chair
Rep. Linda Johnson, Chair
Rep. Hugh Blackwell, Vice Chair
Rep. Craig Horn, Vice Chair
Reps. Jeffrey Elmore, Howard Hunter, Tricia Cotham, J.H. Langdon, Marvin Lucas, John Fraley
Advisory Members:Reps. Debra Conrad, David Lewis, Chris Malone, Larry Pittman, Paul Stam, Bob Steinberg

Rep. David Lewis, Chair
Rep. Bert Jones, Vice Chair
Rep. Dennis Riddell, Vice Chair
Reps. Tricia Cotham, Elmer Floyd, Duane Hall, Susan Martin, Michael Speciale, John Szoka
Advisory Member:Rep. Darren Jackson

Energy Policy
Rep. Mike Hager, Chair
Rep. John Szoka, Chair
Reps. Jeff Collins, Ken Goodman, Charles Jeter
Advisory Members:Reps. Jamie Boles, Rodney Moore

Environmental Review Commission
Rep. Jimmy Dixon, Chair
Rep. Chuck McGrady, Chair
Rep. Pat McElraft, Vice Chair
Reps. Rick Catlin, William Brisson, Roger West
Ex-Officio Members:Reps. Bob Steinburg, Larry Yarborough
Advisory Members:Reps. Mike Hager, Pricey Harrison, Chris Millis

Legislative Ethics Commission
Rep. Sarah Stevens, Chair
Reps. Kelly Alexander, John Faircloth, Jonathan Jordan, Marvin Lucas, Garland Pierce

General Government
Rep. George Cleveland, Chair
Rep. Dennis Riddell, Chair
Rep. Mark Brody, Vice Chair
Reps. Rayne Brown, Elmer Floyd, Chris Whitmire

Advisory Members:Reps. David Lewis, Larry Yarborough

Governmental Operations
Speaker Tim Moore, Chair
Reps. Dean Arp, Marilyn Avila, John Bradford, William Brisson, Leo Daughtry, Nelson Dollar, Larry Hall, Ed Hanes, Susi Hamilton, Kelly Hastings, PatHurley, Linda Johnson, David Lewis, Pat McElraft, Michele Presnell, Mitchell Setzer, Sarah Stevens, Bob Steinburg
John Szoka, John Torbett, Michael Wray
Ex-Officio Members:Reps. Mike Hager, Paul Stam

Health & Human Services
Rep. Marilyn Avila, Chair
Rep. Josh Dobson, Chair
Reps. Dan Bishop, William Brisson, Beverly Earle, Susan Fisher, Craig Horn, Donny Lambeth, Susan Martin, Gregory Murphy, Gary Pendleton
Advisory Members:Reps. Carl Ford, Bert Jones, Jacqueline Schaffer, John Torbett

Information Technology
Rep. Jason Saine, Chair
Reps. Dean Arp, Jeffrey Elmore, John Fraley, Ed Hanes, Chris Millis, Paul Tine

Justice & Public Safety
Rep. Jamie Boles, Chair
Rep. Pat Hurley, Chair
Reps. Justin Burr, Leo Daughtry, John Faircloth, Charles Graham, George Graham, Darren Jackson, Allen McNeill, Sarah Stevens, Rena Turner
Advisory Members:Jonathan Jordan, Michael Speciale, Lee Zachary

Legislative Research Commission
Rep. David Lewis, Chair
Reps. Becky Carney, Ted Davis, Mike Hager, Jason Saine
Ex-Officio Member:Speaker Tim Moore

Local Government
Rep. Ted Davis, Chair
Rep. Carl Ford, Chair
Reps. Larry Bell, John Bradford, Bobbie Richardson, Stephen Ross, Sam Watford
Advisory Members:Reps. John Blust, Rayne Brown, Josh Dobson

Municipal Incorporations Subcommittee
Rep. Stephen Ross, Chair
Reps. Larry Bell, Gary Pendleton

Medicaid & Health Choice
Rep. Nelson Dollar, Chair
Rep. Donny Lambeth, Chair
Rep. Chris Malone, Vice Chair
Reps. Hugh Blackwell, Ed Hanes, Verla Insko, Bert Jones

North Carolina State Lottery
Rep. Jason Saine, Chair
Reps. John Bell, Rob Bryan, Nelson Dollar, Ed Hanes, Jon Hardister, Pat Hurley

Revenue Laws Study Committee
Rep. William Brawley, Chair
Rep. Jason Saine, Chair
Rep. Stephen Ross, Vice Chair
Reps. Kelly Alexander, Becky Carney, David Lewis, Susan Martin, Mitchell Setzer, John Szoka, Ken Waddell
Advisory Members:Reps. Mike Hager, Paul Stam

Rep. Frank Iler, Chair
Rep. John Torbett, Chair
Reps. William Brawley, Dana Bumgardner, Becky Carney, Charles Jeter, Rodney Moore, George Robinson, Phil Shepard, Paul Tine
Advisory Members: Reps. Nelson Dollar, Larry Yarborough

Unemployment Insurance
Rep. Dean Arp, Chair
Rep. Harry Warren, Chair
Reps. Dana Bumgardner, Paul Tine
Advisory Member:Rep. Julia Howard

Workforce Development System Reform
Rep. Rob Bryan, Chair
Reps. Jay Adams, Hugh Blackwell, Kelly Hastings, Yvonne Holley, Frank Iler, Marvin Lucas, Chris Malone
Advisory Members:Reps. Linda Johnson, Jacqueline Schaffer


Senior Vice President 

Senior Vice President 

Franklin Freeman
Senior Vice President 

Bo Heath
Senior Vice President 

John Merritt
Senior Vice President 

Senior Vice President 

Kerri Burke
Vice President 

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Sarah Wolfe
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