McGuireWoods Romania Working to Forge Polish-Romanian Economic Ties

November 10, 2014

Pardon Our Dust

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The aim of the seminar was to offer participants the chance to learn more on how companies and central institutions from both Poland and Romania can intensify cooperation based on their innovative economic potential. Executives from various Polish companies interested in expanding and developing their activity in Romania engaged in an open dialogue with government officials and regulatory authorities, as well as business community leaders present at the event. On the Polish side, officials were invited to speak on the GreenEvo Project – an initiative of the Polish Ministry of Environment aiming to expand regional and international cooperation in the field of green technologies.

On Romania’s current strategic economic position and its relationship with Poland, Nadia Crisan stated: “The ties between Romania and Poland are stronger then ever. I am confident that Romania has developed an increasingly strong economic footprint in the region, fueled by essential resources such as talented workforce, competitive operational costs and growing R&D facilities. The Government is after new investments generating business, jobs and contributing to the country’s economic development. As a result, Romania has consolidated its state aid track record with major investment projects benefiting from grants and subsidies under national and European schemes. In addition, we have set forth key elements for Polish business to thrive in our country – established trade routes, proven profitability through successful industries and strategic advisors providing fully tailored services needed to adjust to the new market developments.”
A highly successful initiative for all participants and partners from Poland and Romania, the event represented a step further in expanding economic cooperation between the two nations. To mark the importance of bilateral relations in global context, Nadia Crisan shared with the audience the inspiring words of Ford Motor Company’s founder Henry Ford.
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”