Georgia General Assembly Week in Review: Jan. 27th – Jan. 31st

January 31, 2014

Pardon Our Dust

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Along with the rest of Atlanta, the Capitol was at a complete standstill for the majority of the week. Those short days of session were eventful for House and Senate members, with an arrest occurring on Monday in the governor’s office and multiple bills being passed in both chambers. 
The arrest on Monday caused quite a commotion, with Senator Vincent Fort of Atlanta being one of the protesters arrested. He was protesting on behalf of an organization called “Moral Monday”, whose main objective is to persuade Governor Deal to expand Georgia’s Medicaid program. Deal argues that Georgia simply cannot afford an expansion. 
Other Georgia news:
Atlanta’s ice storm:
 Members of the Senate are pushing Georgia’s leaders to evaluate their current emergency response protocols so to eliminate any further embarrassment in the face of natural disasters. Senate Minority Leader Steve Henson does however praise Georgia residents who stepped up to help one another by providing food and shelter during the gridlock.
Atlanta Economy:
 The unemployment rate for metro Atlanta is at its lowest level since 2008. Around 11,000 private and public sector jobs were added in December, with a total of about 58,000 jobs added throughout last year
The Paulding County Commission to incorporate more commercial flights to Silver Comet Field to help build the local economy. Delta officials have argued that once a second airport develops it could damage prospects for Hartsfield-Jackson