Chris Lloyd quoted in The Business Journal and News and Record

December 6, 2013

Pardon Our Dust

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“How much land is available and how long will it take to get the site pad-ready? It’s one thing to have available acreage. It’s another thing to build upon it quickly. Lloyd said Boeing will be asking about the time frame for getting the property pad-ready along with the precise geology of the site. “How long is it going to take to grade it? It’s not only grading it. What are the tolerances of the subsoil?” he said. “Is it going to support the weight (of jet production) without a great deal of sub-foundations?” PTI can make available up to 1,000 acres of land to accommodate new aviation tenants. Of course, that land would need to be graded to the specific site requirements of Boeing, which would also have to conduct the appropriate environmental tests and designs that it would need to with any major project.”

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“I’m at an economic development conference in Chicago, and it’s all anybody can talk about,” said Chris Lloyd, senior vice president of McGuireWoods Consulting, who worked with Honda Aircraft before it chose PTI to build HondaJet.”

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