Nadia Crisan Speaks at Key Romanian Agriculture Conference

November 4, 2013

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Attended by more than 600 farmers, officials, agricultural investors and media representatives, INDAGRA is organized by the Agriculture Ministry and brings together key officials of the central administration and significant agribusiness players. A key part of the annual INDAGRA fair this year was the Focus on Agriculture Conference organized by Business Review Romania. 
In her capacity of Vice-President of AmCham, Chair of the Agricultural committee of AmCham and President of the Task-Force for Agriculture within the “Coalition for Romania,” Nadia highlighted the necessity of clear measures and actions in the Romanian agribusiness sector that should bring much-awaited predictability both for local farmers as well as for the current and potential investors.
I believe Romania is at a critical development point, where essential decisions need to be made that will impact us and the next generations. Many of the key policies that would help Romania grow are fundamental, such as ensuring proper land registration and accurate land registration; applying a reduced VAT quota to all basic products or reverse VAT in some cases;  identifying together with the banking sector a number of agriculture financing products, etc.  I trust the business community can play a significant role in bringing together people and ideas to help Romania build a transparent and competitive agricultural environment that is so much needed at this point in our history.”
The debate looked at a number of key issues for the future of agriculture in Romania, relating to financing, benefits of farmer’s co-ops, Romania’s 2014-2020 strategy for the agricultural sector and farmers’ technology needs. The Focus on Agriculture conference comes at a crucial time for Romania’s development, as in the coming years a coherent strategy will have to be implemented at the state, local and private levels in order to keep prices competitive and business booming.