McGuireWoods Romania Celebrates 6-Year Anniversary with Clients and Friends

April 11, 2013

Pardon Our Dust

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Those in attendance included Duane Butcher, U.S. Chargé d’affaires ad interim; Dennis Treacy, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer of Smithfield Foods; Lyle Watters, chief financial officer & vice president of finance and strategic planning for Ford of Europe; L.F. Payne, president of McGuireWoods Consulting and former U.S. congressman; and Frank Atkinson, chairman of McGuireWoods Consulting. In addition there were numerous senior executives representing the firm’s clients, senior central and local governmental officials, and members of the diplomatic community and international financial institutions.
“We have gathered to celebrate six extraordinary years of trust, of American and Romanian excellence, of dedication to our clients, of building bridges with the Romanian government, the Parliament, the diplomatic community, the international financial institutions, the European Institutions, the media and the local communities with one single goal: to bring more investments to this nation and to grow the number of jobs, so that Romanians have a better life today and a great future in the years to come. Having recently been elected vice president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania, I am privileged to take on a more complex responsibility and, together with my team, to identify new investment opportunities for Romania,” said Nadia Criºan, managing director of McGuireWoods Consulting Romania.
The accomplishments of McGuireWoods Romania are perhaps best measured by its clients, who have managed to implement their investments, business ethics and industry vision while accomplish their business goals under the strategic advice provided by the firm.
“Congratulations to McGuireWoods Romania on its sixth anniversary. They have made our life easier, they have been professional. They have brought a sense of professionalism that we have in the United States with McGuireWoods, right here in Romania. And we’re pleased as we can be. Let me tell you why we’ve come to this celebration today. We relied on McGuireWoods Consulting in the United States for a decade to do the right thing for us. They represent us in Washington D.C., they represent us in many states in the United States and they represent us here, in Bucharest. Here is why we rely on them. They have integrity, they have dedication and skill and, most importantly, they solve problems. And they make our problems their problems and they bring to the problem solving exercise a degree of professionalism that is really hard to match,” said Treacy.
To further emphasize the role of McGuireWoods in the Ford investment in Romania, Watters added: “Ford’s relationship with McGuireWoods goes back almost 7 years, to the time when we considered establishing a manufacturing presence in Romania. We had decided to bid for the Craiova facility, which, at that time, was jointly owned by Daewoo and the Romanian Government. The challenge for us was how to make the whole acquisition process work, especially in a privatization environment which was new to Romania, and in an equally new political environment, as Romania had just joined the European Union. McGuireWoods and its managing director, Nadia Criºan, skillfully and diplomatically steered us through difficult and sometimes turbulent times, but with a successful outcome in the end. We are now firmly established in Romania, happy to be here and we continue to rely on the advice of McGuireWoods.”
Throughout its six-year history, McGuireWoods Romania has maintained its commitment to promote Romania abroad and to build solid bridges between investors and the authorities, associations, the media and the local community. Looking back to some of the results – the development of the Smithfield Foods operations in Romania, which to date continues to be the largest U.S. investment in our country; the privatization of the Craiova automotive factory; the opening of the Procter & Gamble plant in Urlaþi; or Cargill’s commitment to develop the agribusiness sector in partnership with the local farmers – these efforts have made a great contribution to Romania’s economic growth over the past 6 years.
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To view the presentation which was unveiled at last night’s reception, click the Download File link below.