Mike Thomas Leaving to Manage George Allen’s U.S. Senate Bid

March 16, 2011

Pardon Our Dust

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“It was a difficult decision to make because of my many friends and colleagues at McGuireWoods Consulting,” said Thomas. “We work each day to find innovative solutions and provide top-quality service to our clients. It has been a privilege to work with the best in our business, both in Consulting as well as with the law firm. While this was a tough decision to make, I am excited to have this opportunity to help Governor Allen with what will be perhaps the most watched race for U.S. Senate in the entire nation next year.”
Mike and former Governor and Senator Allen have a long history together. Mike was a consultant on his congressional race in 1991 and managed his campaign for Governor in 1993, before serving as a member of his Cabinet. He also served at different times as his chief of staff and state director during his previous tenure in the U.S. Senate.
“Mike has been an extremely valuable member of the McGuireWoods Consulting team who will be sorely missed,” said Steve Horton, Director of Grassroots Issue Management.  “As a friend and former colleague, I would like to express my gratitude to Mike for his commitment to excellence, loyalty and professionalism during his time at the firm.”
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