Reactions to Department of Interior’s Offshore Energy Exploration Plan

December 2, 2010

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Despite an announcement yesterday by US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar suspending the notion of offshore exploration of oil and natural gas from the 2012-2017 Five Year Plan for the Atlantic Coast, a bi-partisan group of federal and state legislators expressed interest in working together to continue efforts to explore for offshore oil & natural gas.


Below are a sample of the statements and stories from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner, soon-to-be House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling.


Additionally, Governor-elect Rick Scott (FL) also expressed opposition to removing the entire Atlantic Coast from exploration of offshore oil and natural gas resources in the 2012-2017 Five Year Plan.


Warner Calls for Bipartisan Efforts to Move Offshore Process Forward The Washington Post, December 2, 2010

“Senator Warner will continue to work with Governor McDonnell and other state and local officials, as well as the bipartisan Virginia delegation, to explore ways to re-examine this decision.”


Senator Webb: Don’t Shut Down Offshore Exploration – Statement of Senator Jim Webb, The Roanoke Times, December 2, 2010

“In placing such a broad moratorium on offshore drilling, the Obama Administration has over-reacted to the circumstances surrounding the Deepwater Horizon disaster. A much more sensible response could have been found in making sure that industry employ the best technology and proper safeguards, and that government take more seriously its oversight role in order to make this happen.”


Congressman Cantor Disappointed by Obama Administration’s Decision to Prevent Energy Development Off Virginia’s Coast – December 1, 2010

“America sits on a virtual sea of energy resources that can be tapped to heat our homes, sustain our businesses, provide sustainable jobs and power our means of transportation. By taking this important energy sector off the table for Virginia and other states, the President has effectively crippled our nation’s ability to provide an energy independent future for our children.”


Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on Obama Administration Decision to Block Offshore Energy Development Efforts in Virginia – December 1, 2010

This decision comes in the midst of one of the toughest economies in our history. The cost of today’s decision will be seen in major lost job opportunities, surrendered economic growth, and increased dependence on foreign sources of energy, from nations often hostile to American interests. .”


Statement of Lieutenant Governor Bolling on President Obama’s Decision to Block Offshore Energy Development Efforts in Virginia – December 1, 2010

“This is a baseless, misguided and short-sighted decision that will leave our nation dependent on foreign sources of energy, leave significant economic benefits associated with offshore energy development unrealized in Virginia and deny the creation of thousands of new jobs for Virginians.”


The Impact of the Administration’s Offshore Leasing BanEnergy Tomorrow, December 2, 2010

API’s President and CEO Jack Gerard said the policy shift “shuts the door on new development off our nation’s coasts and effectively ensures that new American jobs will not be realized.”