Public Private Partnerships Bulletin

May 20, 2010

Pardon Our Dust

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1. Virginia ranks Midtown Tunnel PPEA a top priority

In addition to press coverage, a copy of Virginia’s request can be found at the links below:
2. Virginia solicits for new 460 PPEA (3 articles, 2 links)
A copy of the VDOT solicitation document can be found here under “Solicitation for Conceptual Proposals”.
A copy of VDOT’s press release can be found here.
No free ride on Virginia roads
Plans to fix aging roads yield to budget limits
Tolls unwelcome, sadly necessary
3. FHWA again rejects Pennsylvania request to toll I-80
4. Spotsylvania seeks information on George Washington Toll Authority
5. SPSA closes PPEA deal to sell waste to energy plant to Wheelabrator
Press release about the $150 million transaction can be found here.
6. McDonnell announces plans to revive I-95/I-395 HOT lanes
7. NCTA awards tolling bid to TransCore
Attached at the bottom of the page is a recent announcement by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority to award its tolling contract to TransCore.
8. Fairfax examines tolling options to support mass transit efforts
9. California plans for state building sale leasebacks attacked
10. New Jersey legislation for college development partnerships becomes law
11. GMU Hotel and Conference Center PPEA project ready to open
12. New York/New Jersey ports seek PPP for new Goethals Bridge
13. Virginia requests federal permission to toll I-95 (3 articles, 2 attachments)
Copies of the letters to FHWA are attached at the bottom of this page.
McDonnell asks feds to allow tolls on I-95 near N.C. border
Washington Post
Va. seeks tolls on I-95 near N.C. border
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Times-Dispatch
14. MWAA sets issuance of bonds for Dulles Rail PPTA
This link is to the bond offering documents for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority bond issuance for the Dulles Rail PPTA project.

16. Report issued on water partnerships


17. Virginia Port Authority to lease APM Terminals facilities

A link to the press release issued by Governor McDonnell can be found here.


18. Virginia passes law restricting political donations by PPTA and PPEA proposers

During the 2010 General Assembly session, SB 506 was passed, and has been signed into law effective July 1, 2010, limiting political contributions by teams pursuing PPEA and PPTA projects with the state. This is a must read.


19. Georgia advances North by Northwest PPP proposals


20. Maryland seeks teams for travel plaza concessions


21. Illinois passes PPP legislation for construction of Illiana Expressway

Go to this link for legislation recently adopted by Illinois, based on the Virginia PPTA, to develop the Illiana Expressway.


22. Virginia privatization efforts require due diligence


23. Northrop Grumman PPEA contract extension questioned