2009 Virginia Election Results

November 4, 2009

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In a sweep, Republicans win all three statewide races in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Races were characterized by historically wide margins across the ticket with Republicans winning by an almost 60/40 split in each of the statewide contests.
Bob McDonnell (Republican)              59%
Creigh Deeds (Democrat)                   41%
Lieutenant Governor
Bill Bolling (Republican)                      56%
Jody Wagner (Democrat)                     44%
Attorney General
Ken Cuccinelli (Republican)                57%
Steve Shannon (Democrat)                  42%
House of Delegates Contested Races
Based on unofficial election results, House Republicans made a net gain of as many as six seats (pending outcome of a likely recount in District 21). At this time, it appears Republicans may receive at least one additional seat on standing House Committees.
The following is an overview of new faces that will be sworn into the House of Delegates in January, with highlights of successful challengers and open seat winners. 
Click here to view full election results for the House of Delegates.
Incumbents Defeated (Challenger Races)
District 3: 
James Morefield (Republican)  57%
Dan Bowling (Democrat)  43%
District 23: 
Scott Garrett (Republican)  51%
Shannon Valentine (Democrat)  50%
District 32
Tag Greason (Republican)  57%
David Poisson (Democrat)  42%
District 34:       
Barbara Comstock (Republican)  51%
Margaret Vanderhye (Democrat)  49%
District 51: 
Richard Anderson (Republican)  51%
Paul Nichols (Democrat)  49%
District 67:
James LeMunyon (Republican)  53%
Chuck Caputo (Democrat)  47%
District 83:
Chris Stolle (Republican)  60%
Joe Bouchard (Democrat)  40%
District 93: 
Robin Abbott (Democrat)  54%
Phil Hamilton (Republican)  46%
Winners in Open Seats (New Faces)
District 17: 
Bill Cleaveland (Republican)  62%
Gwen Mason (Democrat)  38%
District 20:
Richard “Dickie” Bell (Republican)  72%
Erik Curren (Democrat)  29%
District 35: 
Mark Keam (Democrat)  51%
James Hyland (Republican)  49%
District 38: 
Kaye Kory (Democrat)  59%
Danny Smith (Republican)  40%
District 44:
Scott Surovell (Democrat)  53%
James McConville (Republican)  45%
Gail Parker (Independent Green Party)  2%
District 47: 
Patrick Hope (Democrat)  64%
Eric Brescia (Republican)  32%
Josh Ruebner (Green Party)  4%
District 52: 
Luke Torian (Democrat)  52%
Rafael Lopez (Republican)  48%
District 55: 
John Cox (Republican)  76%
Robert Barnette (Democrat)  24%
District 69: 
Betsy Carr (Democrat)  73%
Ernesto Sampson (Republican)  22%
Shirley Harvey (Independent)  6%
District 80: 
Matt James (Democrat)  69%
Jennifer Lee (Republican)  31%
Likely Recount
District 21: 
Ron Villanueva (Republican)  49.94%
Bobby Mathieson (Democrat)  49.84%