New Poll Results in Race for VA Governor

October 13, 2009

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Four new surveys released in the last week (Survey USA, Washington Post, Rasmussen and Mason-Dixon) re-affirm the results of surveys released the week before showing Republican Bob McDonnell leading Democrat Creigh Deeds from between five and fourteen percentage points.
Last week, The Washington Post and Survey USA released surveys show McDonnell leading between nine and eleven percentage points, with few changes from surveys conducted over the summer by the same organizations.
Rasmussen and Mason-Dixon released polls Tuesday (Oct 13) and Saturday (Oct 10) showing McDonnell leading by seven and eight points respectively.
The Washington Post showed McDonnell leading by nine, 53% – 44%. The previous Washington Post survey from mid-September showed McDonnell up by four.
Survey USA showed McDonnell leading by eleven, 54% – 43%. The previous Survey USA survey from the previous week showed McDonnell up by fourteen.
The Mason-Dixon survey conducted last week and released over the weekend shows McDonnell leading by eight, 48% – 40%
For comments on how these polls have remained generally consistent over time, please visit our post from last week.
Rasmussen        Oct 12         9/29          9/16              9/1
Deeds                      43             42             46                 42        
McDonnell                50             51             48                 51        
PPP           9/26-29             8/28-31           7/31- 8/3          6/30-7/2
Deeds          43                     42                  37                   43
McDonnell   48                     49                   51                  49
SurveyUSA      10/2-4        9/25-28          9/1-3              7/27-28
Deeds                   43              41                 42                    40
McDonnell            54              55                  54                    55
Washington Post         10/5-7            9/14 – 17            8/11 – 14
Deeds                           44                        47                        39
McDonnell                    53                         51                        54
Mason Dixon         10/6-10/8
Deeds                          40
McDonnell                    48
For a more comprehensive look at all the polls please visit Real Clear Politics.
For more information on these races please feel free to contact Mark Bowles, Eric Finkbeiner or Steve Horton, or any member of our Virginia team.