Public Private Partnerships Bulletin

September 1, 2009

Pardon Our Dust

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1. SPSA reviews, then rejects ReEnergy PPEA for landfill and collection (3 articles)

New York company puts in third bid to purchase SPSA


SPSA board tussles over cities’ rates and agency’s future


SPSA board won’t evaluate tipping fees

The Tidewater News

2. Federal loan, bonds approved for Triangle Expressway (3 articles)

Feds announce loans for Wake toll road

News & Observer

Bonds raise $624 million for toll road

News & Observer

Future rides on toll roads

News & Observer

3. Virginia Ports PPTA draws 2 competing bids, skeptics in legislature (6 articles)

Two more firms bid to run Hampton Roads’ port terminals


Put first things first in proposals to operate Va. ports


Chicago-area bidder for port operations adds a partner


VPA won’t let company add partner after bid deadline


Committee wants caution on port privatization


A trio of offers for Virginia’s port


4. Loudoun and Fairfax express concerns over proposed Dulles Toll Road rate increases (1 link, 1 article)

Follow this link to the press release from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority about its public hearings.

Officials vow to monitor rate structure

The Washington Post

5. I-81 problems continue, PPTA not likely

6. Midtown Tunnel PPTA project advances, desire for lower tolls outlined (2 articles)

Panel seeks lower tolls in Midtown Tunnel project


To toll or not? Portsmouth businesses have doubts


7. HOT Lanes on 95/395 draw critics, scoping changes, and lawsuits (3 articles, 1 attachment)

Attached at the bottom of the page is a copy of the Arlington County lawsuit seeking an injunction against further development of the HOT Lanes project.

Editorial: Not so HOT lanes

The Washington Times

Money woes could hurt HOT lane perks

News & Messenger

Poor economy stalls HOT lanes

News & Messenger

8. Report issued on recent transportation PPP projects

9. Landowner challenges Dulles Rail funding

10. Spotsylvania proceeds with PPEA for county offices

11. Reason Foundation releases annual report on privatization

12. Ground broken on Patrick County Jail PPEA

13. New Jersey contractors launch PPP alliance (1 link)

A press release announcing a new PPP effort in New Jersey can be found here.

14. Poquoson seeks PPEA for waterfront activities (1 link)

Follow this link for a PPEA notice from Poquoson for waterfront services.

15. CPFA launches effort on PPP (1 link)

Follow this link for an announcement of a new group to educate public financial advisors on PPP projects.

16. Virginia Town and City Magazine profiles PPEA projects (1 link)

A recent article from Virginia Town and City Magazine profiling the PPEA statute and its successful implementation in Winchester can be found here. The article begins on page 6.