Public Private Partnerships Bulletin

April 30, 2009

Pardon Our Dust

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1. NC Turnpike plans waver because of financial concerns (2 articles)

Toll road construction rides on new bond plan

News & Observer

Toll road construction could begin in June


2. Loudoun County balks at PPTA for $1 billion road plan

3. Centerpoint submits proposal for Virginia Port Authority takeover (6 articles and 1 link to proposal)

The entire Centerpoint proposal can be found here

Developer could pay billions for local ports

Daily Press

Ill. company  offers billions to take over Va. port operations


Long-term strategy needed for port’s future


Port proposal is likely to attract other bids, experts say

Daily Press

Port management deal would pay $8.9 billion over 60 years


Private company’s port bid should inspire skepticism


4. NCTA circulates draft of Mid-Currituck agreement (1 link)

The following link is to a draft copy of the Project Development Agreement for the Mid-Currituck Bridge project through the North Carolina Turnpike Authority.

5. ABC examines barriers to PPPs for roads (1 link)

Follow this link to a recent story by John Stossell about Congressional objections to PPP projects.

6. Pew study examines Pennsylvania Turnpike PPP attempt (1 link)

Follow this link to a recent report from the Pew Center examining the attempted concession for the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

7. Texas considers legislation to oversee public private partnerships (1 link)

Follow this link to HB 1815 which has been proposed in Texas to create a commission to oversee public private partnerships.

8. Hopewell considers PPEA for human services building

9. Northampton rejects Webtide PPEA – for now

10. Spotsylvania County accepts PPEA for new office space (1 link)

Follow this link to a recent notice from Spotsylvania County announcing that it has accepted an unsolicited proposal to provide office space for county uses.

11. 495 HOT Lanes team makes changes to address neighborhood concerns

12. Richmond continues to keep alive PPP for jail replacement

13. Virginia House Speaker calls for more toll roads

14. Virginia Department of Health receives PPEA for directive registry (1 link)

The following link is to a notice from the Virginia Department of Health announcing that it will accept competing unsolicited proposals for an advance directive registry project.

15. Georgia enters contract with IBM for state IT outsourcing (1 link)

The following link is to a recent article regarding Georgia’s contract with IBM to outsource its IT infrastructure.

16. Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts continues examination of IT PPEA (1 link)

17. Maryland moves forward with construction of Baltimore port leasing

18. Army Corps pulls environmental document for Southeastern Parkway

19. Midtown Tunnel project public hearing shows project support, toll concern

20. PIRG study criticizes PPP for toll roads (1 link)