Public Private Partnerships Bulletin

March 3, 2009

Pardon Our Dust

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1.  Eastern Shore communities review PPEA for regional water and wastewater system

2.  Virginia receives Siemens PPEA proposal for buildings overhaul (1 attachment at bottom)

Attached at the bottom of this bulletin is a recent unsolicited PPEA proposal received by the Department of General Services.  Competing proposals are due March 18, 2009.

3.  Illinois legislator introduces PPTA bill (1 link)

Follow this link to recently introduced legislation in Illinois which mirrors the Virginia PPTA.

4.  SPSA sale of recycling effort defeated, waste to energy plant PPEA still being reviewed

5.  Federal panel calls for VMT, private funding also examined to increase transportation funding

6.  Harrisonburg reviews competing PPEA plans for parking and offices (1 link)

Follow this link to page 58 of the February 24, 2009 Harrisonburg City Council meeting agenda, where a recent memo was presented to the City Council regarding three competing proposals for a parking garage and downtown offices.

7.  Plans for Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel PPTA stall in Virginia Senate

8.  Virginia legislation on PPEA expansion advances (2 links)

With the close of the Virginia General Assembly 2009 session on February 28, here is a recap of all the PPEA/PPTA legislation that passed this session: