McGuireWoods to Host Climate Change Webinar

November 21, 2008

Pardon Our Dust

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The President-elect and new Congress promise new perspectives and initiatives to address climate change, including an expected executive-led push to adopt a carbon cap-and-trade bill in the near term. President-elect Obama made the passage of climate change legislation a central theme in his election bid. Consequently, an executive position on climate change legislation is expected to be introduced relatively quickly. Such a legislative proposal will likely be economy-wide and, if adopted, would financially impact most businesses, as well as state and local governments. Stakeholders need to understand the issues and the politics of the issues in order to develop appropriate responses.
L.F. Payne, Eva Teig Hardy and James Y. Kerr from McGuireWoods Consulting, and Neal Cabral from the firm’s Climate Change team will discuss the impact of the election on the prospects for, and particulars of, federal climate change legislation, including:
  • How will an expected executive-led push for a cap-and-trade bill change the political dynamics in Congress?
  • How will the large Democratic majority in Congress alter the climate change debate on the Hill?
  • What are the major substantive themes of Obama’s approach to climate change, and how do they match up with Congressional, industrial and environmental interests?
  • Apart from legislative action, what additional levers will President Obama control?
  • How will the financial crisis and sinking economic fortunes affect climate change legislation and the overall climate change debate?
Online registration is available. For more information please contact Ashley Romano at 404.443.5531 or