Smithfield Foods Receives Two Awards

November 12, 2008

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On September 30, McDonald’s recognized Smithfield Foods with the first-ever Sustainability Award, during the McDonald’s 2008 Supplier Summit in Oak Brook, Ill. The McDonald’s award, instituted this year, recognizes the supplier that best exemplifies the vision, principles and values for sustainable supply.

Nominees were rated based on their vision, programs and results in developing and promoting a sustainable supply chain, including practices that ensure the health and welfare of employees, the welfare and humane treatment of animals, and programs that minimize impacts on the environment and conserve and protect natural resources.

“We are absolutely honored to be recognized by McDonald’s for our company’s sustainability achievements,” said C. Larry Pope, president and CEO of Smithfield Foods. “The credit has to go to our employees, who every day exemplify our deeply held belief that it’s not enough to simply make good food – we must make it in a responsible manner.”

Susan Forsell, Vice President Supply Chain, Quality Systems, McDonald’s USA said, “Smithfield Foods deserves to be recognized for their innovative approaches to protect the environment, to ensure the safety of their employees, the well-being of animals, the quality of products, and to promoting education in the communities they serve.”

On October 29, Smithfield Foods won the 2008 Virginia Torchbearer award. According to the Virginia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Hugh Keogh, the honor recognizes good corporate citizens that have had an impact on the economy in a positive way. Smithfield Foods was acknowledged for its activities in local and national charities, and as an innovator whose outstanding products, services and management practices have contributed toward Virginia’s progress and prosperity in recent years.
Congratulations to Smithfield Foods for receiving these well deserved honors.
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