MWC to Host Post-Election Conference Call with UVA Professor Larry Sabato

November 6, 2008

Pardon Our Dust

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Professor Sabato will provide analysis of the election outcome and offer his insight as to why the presidential and congressional races concluded as they did.  L.F. Payne and the McGuireWoods Consulting Team will follow with a discussion of the likely impact of the election results in key policy areas. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions. 

The impact of this election will be felt in every sector of American business.  We hope you will join us for a discussion that is sure to increase your understanding of current trends in American politics and their effect on you. 

The dial-in information will be sent to registrants on Wednesday, November 5.

Online registration is available. For questions, please contact Ann Thomas at 202.857.2909 or