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July 25, 2007

Pardon Our Dust

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1. Bedford wraps up water and sewer PPEA project

Sewage treatment plant completed on time and on budget
Bedford Bulletin, July 3, 2007

2. Fredericksburg receives PPEA proposal for water line repairs

Notice from the City of Fredericksburg related to a water line repair PPEA proposal that was recently submitted.

3. HOT Lanes plans draw concern from regional body

Northern Virginia Transportation Commission objects to toll plans
Examiner, July 5, 2007

4. Florida traffic woes drive innovative approaches

Think traffic is bad? Get used to it
Herald Tribune, July 9, 2007

5. North Carolina toll road plans start to advance

Toll roads may be just three years away
Burlington Times News, July 8, 2007

6. Fredericksburg PPEA public safety center opens

911 center has new home
Free Lance-Star, July 11, 2007

7. Texas Governor Perry responds to Congressional concern about PPP

Letter from Texas Governor Perry to the recent letters and policy guidance from Congress urging states to reconsider PPP approaches to transportation.

8. Rockingham posts PPEA proposal for new local government center

Published 6/15/2007 11:42:00 AM


At the June 13, 2007 meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Rockingham County, Virginia, in accordance with the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002, as amended, and procedures adopted pursuant thereto by the Board, the Board determined to proceed to the Detailed Phase of Review of the proposal submitted by Lantz Construction Company of Broadway for the design, construction, and financing of an addition to the Rockingham County Government Center, located at 20 East Gay Street in the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The proposed addition is approximately 31,000 square feet. The Board further authorized the County Administrator and County Attorney to begin negotiation of an interim and a comprehensive agreement with Lantz Construction Company. Pursuant to the procedures for the Public-Private Infrastructure Act of 2002 adopted by the Board, and in accordance with Virginia Code Section 56-575.17, the Board hereby provides an opportunity for public comment on the Lantz Construction Company proposal for a period of thirty (30) days from June 15, 2007. Public comment may be submitted to the Rockingham County Administrator at the address noted below. A copy of the Lantz proposal is available for review in the County Administrator’s Office, Rockingham County Administration Center, 20 East Gay Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802.

9. Frederick County posts school PPEA responses

Notice from Frederick County Public Schools regarding the two competing PPEA proposals it received for a new elementary school.

10. Loudoun begins review of government center PPEA proposals

Top 5 County Office Relocation Proposals Get Supervisors Review
Leesburg Today, July 17, 2007

11. IT PPEA contractor to self monitor Virginia agreement

State IT contractor will self-monitor work: Northrop Grumman agreement is Va.’s largest-ever contract
Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 14, 2007

12. HOT Lanes public meetings announced

Public hearings to be held on HOT lanes
Potomac News, Wednesday, July 18, 2007

HOT lanes to get review
Free Lance-Star, July 24, 2007

HOT topics
Free Lance-Star, July 25, 2007

13. I-81 improvement plan advances

VDOT has plans for two I-81 truck-climbing lanes
Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 19, 2007

14. Hampton Roads Transportation Authority begins work

Leaders picked for region’s transportation authority
Daily Press, July 19, 2007

15. Transurban advances RIC airport connector, launches ad campaign to boost Pocahontas traffic

Airport Connector loan OK’d: The proposed road will link Richmond International to the Pocahontas Parkway
Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 21, 2007

Driving traffic to toll road: Radio and TV ad campaign aims to increase users of Pocahontas Parkway
Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 22, 2007

16. State computer shutdown underscores need for PPEA fix

More computer woes possible for VITA
Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 21, 2007

17. MWAA announces public hearings for Dulles Toll Road transfer

MWAA Holds Public Hearing On Taking Over Toll Road
Leesburg Today, July 23, 2007

18. Auditor issues report on Virginia IT PPEA progress

Recent report from the Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts on the IT PPEA oursourcing effort.