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October 5, 2006

Pardon Our Dust

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1. Valley legislators introduce anti-81 bills, all fail

Cline To Introduce Bills On I-81 For Special Session
The News-Gazette, September 19, 2006

CTB Considers Proposals to Improve I-81 Highway and Rail Infrastructure
Virginia Department of Transportation, September 21, 2006

2. VDOT embraces Phase 1 of STAR plan for I-81

I-81 project hits the wall
Bristol Herald Courier, September 22, 2006

Separate Truck Lane On I-81 Ruled Out
Daily News Record, September 22, 2006

VDOT advocates safety upgrades for Interstate 81
Roanoke Times, September 22, 2006

In The Fast Lane Posted: State Board Could Take Action On I-81 Improvements As Early As Next Month
Daily News Record, September 23, 2006

‘Highway to forever’ vanishes like diesel exhaust in the wind; now we must find fixes for I-81
News Leader, September 24, 2006

Board narrows improvement options for I-81 Rail hailed; 8 lanes too wide, critics say
News Leader, September 22, 2006

3. Hampton Roads toll plan shows life, dies sudden death during special session

Tolls inch closer to green light with House speaker’s support
The Virginian-Pilot, September 20, 2006

GOP leaders don’t reach transit accord
The Virginian-Pilot, September 21, 2006

4. Prince William to seek design-build authority

County seeks bypass review
Potomac News, September 20, 2006

5. Greenway toll plan draws public and political fire

Drivers Seeing Red Over Greenway Tolls: SCC Weighing Customers’ Complaints and Company’s Claims of Running at a Loss
Washington Post, September 17, 2006

Auto Club, Legislators Decry Greenway Toll Increases
Leesburg Today, September 22, 2006

6. Route 460 PPTA plans unveiled

Materials from VDOT:

U.S. 460 could cost 3 times state’s estimate
Richmond Times-Dispatch, September 22, 2006

VDOT: New Route 460 would cost over $1 billion
Daily Press, September 22, 2006

$13 toll on 460 is far too taxing
The Virginian-Pilot, September 26, 2006

Not so simple: Tolls and profit, not magic, will guide private investment in roads
Daily Press, September 26, 2006

7. Fairfax calls for scuttling of Dulles Rail PPTA contract

Fairfax Calls for Competitive Bidding
Washington Post, September 26, 2006

Supervisors ask Kaine to put Dulles rail project out to bid
The Examiner, September 26, 2006

New Bids for Dulles Rail?
The Connection, September 27, 2006

8. Stafford expresses dismay over I-95 HOT Lanes PPTA changes

FTA Proposes New Policies For Conversion Of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Into High Occupancy Toll Lanes
Nossaman Infrastructure, E-alert Bulletin

Presentation given by VDOT at the September Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting

Toll lane timing extended
Free Lance-Star, September 28, 2006

VDOT double cross?
Free Lance-Star, October 1, 2006

9. NC transportation deficit ballons

N.C. transportation deficit estimated at $65 billion
Associated Press, October 4, 2006

10. Virginia legislative committee examines alternative project delivery

September 18, 2006 presentation from the House Appropriations Committee on alternative project delivery for VDOT and state and local powers issues.

11. PPTA/PPEA workgroup releases new guidelines

PPTA Implementation Guidelines – Table of Comments Received

2006 Revised PPEA Model Guidelines

SB 76 Work Group Recommended Draft PPTA Guidelines

12. Herndon authorizes detailed proposals for downtown redevelopment

Notice from the Town of Herndon inviting detailed proposals for its downtown redevelopment project