Public Private Partnership Bulletin

July 19, 2005

Pardon Our Dust

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1. Prince William issues PPEA for new baseball stadium

Prince William County Notice of Receipt of Unsolicited Proposal Potomac Nationals Stadium [Word document]

2. Conceptual proposals for consolidated Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind now available

Several issues ago, I included the PPEA solicitation notice for a new consolidated Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind. The state has received two proposals, and copies of the public parts of those proposals are linked below:

Concord Eastridge Proposal

Executive Summary [all documents in PDF format]
Legal Structure
Campus Master Plan
Project Benefit and Compatibility

Trammel Crow Proposal

Trammel Crow Proposal

3. I-95/395 HOT Lanes PPTA proposals move through public meetings

Toll lane alternatives discussed at forum,” Potomac News, July 15, 2005

HOT lanes could mean money,” Potomac News, July 19, 2005

4. Jefferson Forest High School PPEA debate continues

JF soap opera goes on,” Bedford Bulletin, July 13, 2005

Supervisors’ construction committee reports on meeting with school board counterparts,” Bedford Bulletin, July 13, 2005

5. Clarke County PPEA debate continues

Committee Concerns Supervisor,” The Winchester Star, July 2, 2005

Clarke Debates Expansion Vs. A New School,” The Winchester Star, July 18, 2005

Dunning Offers New Estimates on School Design,” The Winchester Star, July 19, 2005

6. Falls Church schools PPEA a success story

MEH Middle School Progresses Quickly Under New Process,” Falls Church News-Press, June 30-July 6, 2005

7. Southeastern Parkway EIS goes public, PPTA possible

Public sees possible route for proposed toll parkway,” The Virginian-Pilot, July 12, 2005

8. Staunton leaders fight to maintain existing VSDB despite PPEA proposals

Saxman has hope for VSDB fate,” The News Virginian, July 14, 2005

9. Department of Forensic Sciences receives PPEA proposal for Northern Virginia lab

Following the General Assembly session, I included an article from the Richmond paper about the need for a new forensic lab in Northern Virginia which referenced budget language adopted by the General Assembly calling for a PPEA proposal. The Department has just posted an unsolicited proposal it received and additional proposals are expected to be posted in the coming days.